Sunday, 1 December 2013

12 Days of Christmas | Presents

Second post of the day *high 5* haha!!
Soooo, I decided to take up the Christmas Challenge arranged on FB, I usually avoid these because I am such a jumble when it comes to doing them, I will blinking do this one though ha!
First up is Presents, I really didn't know what to do for this. I decided to go simple and hard.

My little Mickey Santa.... oh my, I wanted to paint him small so he would fit all on my nail but as I continued he came out way smaller. Ooops, so yes enjoy the mini Mickey, he really is so tiny I don't even know how I did him.
On the other nails I decided to do them as one big pressie because I love seeing manis like this ;)

For the base colour on all nails (minus the ring) I used Colors By Llarowe Strega. This polish screamed at me to be used :P and how Christmassy does it look! The shimmer in this polish is so darn strong my camera hated it but I think I did o.k catching it a little though phew, bitch LOL!
Santa Mickeys little hat and coat is also CBL Strega ;)

I hope you all like my nail art for Presents, I can't wait to get so many more done. Could I just hide away and do nail art and forget all about the shopping? Pffffft I can wish ;)

Here is the layout for the 12 manis, lets see if I can be on time ;)

Check out the other loves who have joined in on the Challenge down below,
Lou xx


  1. Wowzers, these are so gorgeous! Love that red and your tiny Mickey is amazing!

  2. Gets me in the Christmas spirit. Lovely.

  3. Everything about this mani is perfect. Your ribbon looks like it has texture to it, the bow has dimension and that micky!!! How on earth did you paint that! Fabulous job!

  4. Amazing! I can't get over little Mickey Mouse! You did an amazing job!

  5. This is so.freakin.amazeballs!! haha! I love it!

  6. OMG you painted that?? I was SO looking forward to reading thru and finding out where you bought the decal so I could buy it to...darn!! hah!

  7. Looks great though (if you didn't gather that) lol

  8. Awww...this is so pretty. Love the color combos and the design. Its def perfect for Christmas. I wanna try it too.

  9. These look incredible! Wow, AMAZING job!!!

  10. LOVE! That bow is amazing, and the whole look ties together so nicely.

  11. That Mikey is amazing! And the ribbon! And the bow!


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