Friday, 20 December 2013

Laquerlicious Swatches and Review

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Hi loves,
Today I have some gorgeous swatches to share... This post is so late sorry!  I had planned to get it up earlier this week but somehow it failed ugh.
Anyway they are here so lets get in to admiring these beauties from Laquerlicious ;)

Mittens or Gloves? | I literally love this one, a beautiful deep magenta full of square glitters in various sizes.. what I love most is the added glory of black glitters in various shapes. Plus look at that dusting of blue shimmer when the light hits, oioi! I used 2 coats :)


Shoveled Snow | This really reminds me of the icy blue you see around Winter, perfect. This is full of glitters in different shapes and sizes along with colours too. I adore it!
I used 2 coats again.


Emerald Glaze | I cant express my love for this, I have always been drawn to green even though it was never a favourite colour of mine but I mean loooook at this beauty.
Along with the stunning base its full of tiny glitters in green, teal and purple.
This polish was pretty sheer and needed 3 coats.


All Bundled Up | This is a royal blurple shade, in real life it shows a tad more of the purple as to what the photos are showing. Full of silver, copper and peachy pink glitters.
I used 2 coats.


Ruby Glaze | This is yummiest red shimmer polish ever literally OMG. I love it - definitely my kind of shade, not to rich. Full of red and pink glitters in various tiny sizes. This was also a little sheer I used 3 coats.

How gorgeous are all of these! Omy.

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Lou xx

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Guest post over at The Crumpet!!

Hi loves,
Just a quick post today to say I done a Christmas mani for The Crumpet blog!
I am so honoured to have got to do this and really hope that everyone likes what I chose :)
Here is a very edited peek at what I done - check the post HERE to see the original version and of course make sure you check out Debbie's blog - it is awesome! :) 

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

I Love Nail Polish Very Ornamental | Swatches + Nail Art

Hey loves,
I am sorry for the lack of posts, as most of you are celebrating Christmas I sort of shut down into a little hole. I try to enjoy the season as much as I can of course for my kids but behind it all I want to cry, its hard to celebrate the season for me since I lost the greatest woman - my nan a few years ago. :(
ILNP sent me the amazing Holiday Trio, I was going to jam them into one post but decided I would split them and do some nail art so with that I checked Google and came across a gorgeous Fairisle Christmas jumper dress which I had to do!

Very Ornamental | This beauty is just wow, the perfect red holo!! It is sooo much more holo in real life may I just say. The formula is perfect also, easily a one coater but I used 2 :)
Definitely a must have YUM!

I decided not to cover all my nails but take parts of the design on each nail so you still get to see the true beauty of Very Ornamental, I also switched up the design a tad. I used acrylic paints for the nail art :)

I hope you enjoy this nail art, make sure you go check out ILNP -

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Lou xx

Friday, 13 December 2013

Taras Talons 2x Polishes | Swatches and Review

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Hi loves,
I have a UK indie to share with you all today, it is great having indie makers here I must say. Although it isn't as wide spread as in the US - UK indies have that special place in my heart of course.
I received 2 awesome polishes to share with you all, I just love them!!
A little insight- Tara opened her shop in April this year so we could all enjoy something unique at an affordable price, all her polishes are one off or limited edition and she also creates custom polishes! :D 

Neptune | A grey metallic base full of gold, bronze, green and blue glitters in various sizes and also hex or square shaped :) It applied amazingly, I used 2 coats for the photos plus 1 coat of H K Girl Topcoat.


Vampire Bat | A gorgeous topper containing purple glitters in various sizes along with the added dusting of coloured glitters shown below :)
This again applied flawlessly, I used 2 coats over China Glaze Light As Air. One coat would have been fine.

Taras Talons polishes come in either 10ml or 5ml bottles - both shown above. 

You can find Taras Talons -
- Website
- Etsy
- Facebook

Enjoy all,
Lou xx

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Red Rose Nail Art | Youtube Video

Hi loves,
A little nail art for you all today although it isn't Christmas related sorry, my timing for sharing these here is delayed by weeks lol! I got all caught up in swatching etc so this took a back seat.
Lately nail art and me haven't been friends, I don't know what is going on but I just cant get into it :( I did a little rose accent just for 'something!' and rather liked the outcome.
This got hugely requested on Instagram for me to do a tutorial on it, check the end of the post for that! :)

On all my nail I used INM Nail Black Hole, on all the nails minus my ring I topped them off with INM Nails Red-iculuos. The rose is done using acrylic paints, I was going for a more 'real-life' look and I am happy on the outcome.

As I said above I did a tutorial on it, this one is not exactly the same but you get the idea of how I achieved it. I hope you enjoy the video of course :)
Lou xx


Wednesday, 11 December 2013

piCture pOlish Tuesday | Orbit

*PR Sample.
Ugh, now I know what you are thinking ... it is not Tuesday Lou WTF! Well yes, I have been a naughty blogger. I totally thought yesterday was Monday :( My son is ill so didn't go into nursery (he only attends from Tuesday through the rest of the week). I only realised early hours this morning I was behind duh, bad bad bad :( PP don't hate me pahhhhlease :(
*Also this is the last day of our PP feature, dropping a tear right now :(* 
This polish will make up for it though... yes yes !

Orbit | A very dark inky blurple filled with super micro silver glitters. Most amazingly to add this polish is a one coater - yeeeee boyyyyy! It dries super fast also, I did do 2 coats just for the pics. This polish also shines like no other, reminds me of a little galaxy all going on without the added effort of galaxy nails lol!

You can find piCture pOlish -
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Enjoy all and I am real sorry again :(
Lou xx

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Colors By Llarowe Pink Twinkle | Snowflake Nail Art

Hi loves,
Wow today I have one of the most beautiful polishes I have ever got my mitts on! I adore this so much!!
I was going to swatch it alone but I thought the added touch of snowflakes would be great seeing as its Christmas soooon, yes it isn't ordinary but come on I know I am not alone in wanting a pink Christmas.. I have to settle on the nails though sob!

Pink Twinkle | A very pale dusty rose pink packed with micro silver glitters, which just shines like no other! Honestly I am in love with this polish so much. I just am speechless!
I used 3 coats - although 2 would have been fine, topped with 1 coat of H K Girl Topcoat.
The little snowflakes are far from neat or perfect, I was kind of going with a rough little touch :) using acrylic paints.

Llarowe really smashes it with her polishes, formula is amazing and just look at this damn polish? ... and breath!

You can find Colors By Llarowe on her website here, shipping is international ;)

Lou xx

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Shoutout Sunday | Christmas

Another week flown by, christmas really is creeping up fassssst :( I still am not ready! Anyway let's enjoy this gorgeous Christmassy manis ;) share the love!

Gorgeous Christmas fairy lights! I love how simple yet beautiful this mani is! 

By - 

Silver sparkly snowflakes, just how it should be! Absolutely love!

By - 
Instagram - Henulle

Seriously, how blinking adorable is this!!! I want that little guy, he is damn cute! Perfectly painted

By - 
Instagram - Nailsofserenity

A gorgeous mix and match christmas mani, I love that it is different from traditional colours! Beautiful 

By - 
Instagram - Nailthataccent


There we have this weeks features, be sure to check them all out :)
Make sure you tag your nails on instagram #TANDTFEAT for your chance to get featured :)

Lou xx

Saturday, 7 December 2013

12 Days of Christmas | Food & Festive Colours/Glitters

Hi loves,
Finally back to this challenge, you may have noticed I missed Day 3 (Food) so I am combining both days into one mani - smart thinking eh? ha!
I didn't go crazy on the glitter or colours really, standard red, green and white were the colours I chose :)

For my base colour I used Pretty Serious Hell On Wheels, then for the candy cane stripes I used acrylic paint :)
I didn't really want to go all out with this mani, sometimes I like doing simple nail art :) I added the gingerbread men and Christmas puddings using acrylic paint.
The loose glitter (which refused to show well) is by INM Nails - I haven't got a name for it sorry :/

I hope you like what I done for both days - make sure you check out the other bloggers Festive Colours/Glitter manis below :)

Lou xx

Thursday, 5 December 2013

WingDust Polish Swatches and Review

Hi beauts,
I have more WingDust to share with you today, if you missed out on my first post check that out here.
For this part I am sharing two gorgeous polishes - Waking Dream & Somewhere Out There.
Jumping right to it ;)

Waking Dream | A gorgeous deep purple jelly packed with red, gold, purple and pink glitters in various sizes and shapes.. including the yummy large discs and stars also plus little bar glitters - omy! The application of this polish was great! I used 3 coats for the photos below, I did have to shake up the bottle a little to grab those larger glitters.


Somewhere Out There | A very deep red magenta jelly packed with orange, gold and pink glitters in various sizes and shapes including bar glitter. It also contains amazing larger discs and half moon glitters. This polish is way to much fun! I love it, application was great I used 3 coats.

WingDust blew me away again, I adore this pair - the added shapes and larger discs seriously make me giddy. ;)

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*You can also find WingDust at Llarowe and Rainbow-Connection*

Lou xx