Sunday, 24 November 2013

Shoutout Sunday

You all know how this works, enjoy and share the love! All links for our features are below each pic as ever :)
ELF! One of my absolute favourite Christmas movies, these nails are absolutely perfect!
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Instagram - Nailistorming

How adorable are these My Little Pony nails, love love love!

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Instagram - Kerlys_Artistic_Nails
Blog - Kan_Entertainment

I love stud manis and this is just gorgeously done! So beautiful!

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Instagram - Gimme_all_the_polish

This design is pure amazing, I really want to recreate it but with red. Sexy Sexy! How perfectly done too! Woah.
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Instagram - JadeALeese

I am in love with this mani, gives me such a Christmas feeling. Beautiful!!

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Instagram - Mnelaaa

Wizard of Oz mix and match I love these!! Perfectly done.

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Instagram - Beginnails
Blog - Beginnails

Snow leoparddddds, so beautiful and these nails are too! Those nails, perfectly shaped! Love!

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Instagram - Rachell_Rachell


I hope you like this weeks features, make sure you go check them out for more amazing manis! Hashtag #TANDTFEAT on Instagram for your chance to get featured! ;)

Lou xx


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