Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Inspired By... Week | Coewless

Hi loves,
Today we have more of a detailed piece of nail art! It is so weird doing it on shorter nails but I managed just fine :D Todays Inspired By... is Coewless, an absolute amazing nail artist and one of my favourites on IG. I have been following her on there for so long now and she always amazes me with each new creation!
I picked her awesome Sims mani so lets see -

My base colour is OPI Alpine Snow, the design is done using acrylic paints and finally I topped it all off with Out The Door Matte Topcoat.

Below is Coewless original version :D, my colours are slightly different to hers, I didn't have the paint to match :(.

I hope you enjoy my recreation mani, make sure you pop on by and check Coewless out.
- Instagram
- Blog.

Enjoy loves,
Lou xx


  1. wow, how is this possible, so much detail and everything, it's like printed, I 'm amazed


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