Wednesday, 20 November 2013

I Love Nail Polish Ultra Chrome Collection Swatches and Review

Oh do I have an awesome post to share with you all today!
I received these a few weeks ago and just could not figure out a way to showcase them, I didn't want to just do 'plain' swatches but I also didn't want to lose focus of them.
Finally I decided to do an accent nail featuring the ILNP logo ;) the background for this was all 4 of the ultra chromes dry brushed on over black for a seriously amazing effect.
*picture heavy post!!*

Amazing isn't it! I adore this macro shot so much! And have more below just because you need to see it :O

*swatches are all shown with 2 coats over black topped with 1 coat of H K Girl Topcoat*

Birefringence | This polish, wow. It shifts strongly from blue to purple and pink and in some lights you can catch that orange an red sneak in. Flawless application.
*Shown below is a picture near the lightbox light. ;)

* Macro time!


Mutagen | A seriously amazing bright green shifting to blue, pink, purple and orange in some lights. I caught the awesome pale pink shift in certain lights although that refused to play on camera.
*Shown below near the lightbox light.

* Macros!


My Little Glacier | An icy almost grey blue with a very subtle shift of purple and an almost teal shade in some lights. This had the least shift but I still adore it!
*Shown below near the lightbox lights.



Cygnus Loop | This is very similar to Birefringence but has more of a rich purple base instead of blue. The shift is also very similar - the most in your face shift is to purple then fuschia along with orange and even a tad gold/yellow. This is my absolute favourite of the 4 - if I had to just pick 1.
*Shown below near the lightbox light.

*Macro time, also containing my fav macro - check this out! OHMY.

PHEW. Who made it to the end? High 5 if you did lol.
I cant express how much I love these polishes, ILNP is a serious creator of beauty.
If you get the chance to own any of these, take it! Grab that with both hands and treasure them forever! ;) IRL you will squeal even more trust me.

You can find ILNP -
- Website
- Instagram
- Facebook

Lou xx


  1. Beautiful polishes and I'm loving that accent nail :)

  2. Honey!!! These are fabulous!! That accent nail is everything. Love that you did that!

  3. Great swatches and pix!! I got these in the holo version.

  4. High 5! These are absolutely beautiful! :)

  5. So, SO gorgeous! Mine are in the mail and I can't wait to get them!!!

  6. OH wow, amazing polishes and swatches!!

  7. OMG! amazing polishes. Holo version fantastic

  8. I Love love Love these i bought Every one of them accept 1


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