Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Glam Paint Lacquer A Shot of Diamonds in My Latte; Swatches, Review andNail Art!

*PR Sample
Hello loves!
Still badgering with this tooth but doing my nails is taking my mind of it *thankfully*, I finally have a dentist apt booked for tomorrow YES!! Lets hope all is well ugh.
Anyways on we go, I absolutely love this polish by Glam Paint Lacquer, as soon as I knew the name I was like 'bet your arse I got to do nail art to match!' LOL!
A Shot of Diamonds in My Latte is a gorgeous latte nude colour with an added sprinkle of holo. The holo is very subtle but darling. This is also close to one coat! I used 2 thin coats shown. ;)

I just had to do a latte with diamonds! It was a must :O. I tried to replicate real diamonds but my gosh they are hard lol! Hopefully they show well though. I am pretty pleased with them ;)
*Zoom shot provided by the iPhone* :P

You can get this polish on sale for $5.00 :) others from Glam Paint Lacquer range from $5-$8.

You can find Glam Paint Lacquer -
- Website
- Instagram

Enjoy beauts,
Lou xx


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