Friday, 29 November 2013

Sea Lore Polish FALLing For Nemo Collection; Swatches, Review and matching Nail Art

*PR Sample.
Woo, I am super excited for this post! I was hoping to get it done earlier but my kids have been ill, I battled through all of these yesterday evening instead.
I was meant to have my Indie Favourites up today but I am having trouble picking atm, hopefully I will have it up by next week!
On to this beautiful collection, as if you haven't guessed already Sea Lore did this FALLing For Nemo collection based on 5 characters - Nemo, Dory, Bruce, Nigel and Crush. Obviously matching nail art was a must! Lets get on *
**Picture heavy**

Nemo-tional | A gorgeous orange jelly with tiny white squares and rectangles along with mini gold flaky shimmer. I applied 3 coats with amazing application.


A-DORY-ble | A royal blue polish jam packed full of yellow, black and blue glitters in various sizes and added blue shimmer to match. I love this one so much! Applied a dream - 2 coats.


Bruce-ally Honest | A sheer off white polish with a touch of  shimmer, tiny light blue hexes and white shards. I usually hate real sheer polishes but this was gorgeous! I used 3 coats, application again was amazing!


Crushin' It | Olive green jelly packed full of orange, green, brown, copper, gold hexes in various sizes.  Plus added copper and green shimmer - Such beauty! 3 coats flawless application.


Air Nigel | The only topper in this collection consisting of brown, orange, white and gunmetal hexes with added silver shimmer. OMG This is gorgeous!  I am loving the macro I managed to grab of this beauty :P Shown is 1 coat over Nails Inc Porchester Square.


*All characters are done using acrylic paint and base colour is Barry M Gelly in Blueberry*

Overall I love this collection! The polishes match each character perfectly and they all are amazing to apply. I couldn't even pick a favourite, I am not an orange kinda girl but I even adore Nemo-tional, its just a pow wow polish! ;)

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These and many more are available in full size and mini plus pop to Sea Lore social pages for a discount code available till 2nd December ;)

Lou xx

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

piCture pOlish Tuesday | Dream Swatches and Review plus Barbie Nail Art

Its our second Tuesday for piCture pOlish and OMG I possibly have the most amazing polish to share with you all.
As soon as I laid eyes on Dream it had to be mine! This is like the dream colour - ha PP named it on point! ;)
I decided to match this beaut with some Barbie nail art ..... Sing it
*I'm a Barbie girl in a Barbie worlddddd* hahaha I have this song literally stuck in my head right now, ohhh those were the days LOL!

Dream | This is purple toned Barbie pink, literally the ultimate. I can not have enough colours like this but PP hit this smack bang on my dream Barbie shade, what makes this that bit more yummy is the application - absolutely flawless! I used 2 coats, 2 motherflipping coats!

Awkward hand pose sorry LOL, I was trying to get that shine out the way of the art.

I highly recommend this polish, its a must have and I will be getting myself a back up bottle! ;)

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Lou xx

Monday, 25 November 2013

W7 Twilight Swatches and Review

Here is one of the beauties that made my favourites post the other day!
This is really such a stunning polish and cheap too! Bonus. I was quite shocked that w7 had come out with a polish like this but wow, way to go! 

Twilight | This is a gorgeous blue to purple flecked duo chrome. Amazing application and only needing 2 coats! I fell in love when I saw it online, I didn't really see any reviews of it which shocked me. It really is just amazing!

This crazed my macro shots sorry lol!
I really recommend this polish to anyone so if you have a chance to snag it, do!! ;)

UK addicts you can find it here for £1.99 :)

Lou xx

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Shoutout Sunday

You all know how this works, enjoy and share the love! All links for our features are below each pic as ever :)
ELF! One of my absolute favourite Christmas movies, these nails are absolutely perfect!
By -
Instagram - Nailistorming

How adorable are these My Little Pony nails, love love love!

By -
Instagram - Kerlys_Artistic_Nails
Blog - Kan_Entertainment

I love stud manis and this is just gorgeously done! So beautiful!

By -
Instagram - Gimme_all_the_polish

This design is pure amazing, I really want to recreate it but with red. Sexy Sexy! How perfectly done too! Woah.
By -
Instagram - JadeALeese

I am in love with this mani, gives me such a Christmas feeling. Beautiful!!

By -
Instagram - Mnelaaa

Wizard of Oz mix and match I love these!! Perfectly done.

By -
Instagram - Beginnails
Blog - Beginnails

Snow leoparddddds, so beautiful and these nails are too! Those nails, perfectly shaped! Love!

By -
Instagram - Rachell_Rachell


I hope you like this weeks features, make sure you go check them out for more amazing manis! Hashtag #TANDTFEAT on Instagram for your chance to get featured! ;)

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Saturday, 23 November 2013

Mini leopard print patch nail art

I need not waffle on about my love of this print lol, I always like to find new ways to do it though! I found a image on good ol' Google which gave me this idea. I am pretty impressed with the outcome, its super simple and cute! Goes well with the shorties ;)
This mani I actually done around 2 weeks ago but had no time to post it! I actually forgot about it until I went through my 1000+ pics in the phone gallery - yes they are all mainly nail snaps minus 100 or so -.- LOL!
For this mani I used Essence Grey-t To Be Here, the design is done using acrylic paints and finally all topped off with INM Out The Door Matte Topcoat.

Hope you like my quick and simple nail art of the day.

Lou xx

Friday, 22 November 2013

My Top 10 Favourite Polishes | Mainstream

I really didn't know where I was going to start with this, I decided it would be fun when it popped up amongst British Bloggers (check the end for all of their links!).
It has actually been pretty stressful, I truly don't have an all time favourite 10 but this is my current 'favourites' ;)
I also could not put them in order, it just was not happening sorry ;)
*New and old swatches*
Lets do this!

OPI Russian Navy | Boy oh boy, this polish is just gorgeous! I am not one for dark shades but for some reason I am drawn to this, every time I go to the helmer I will pick this up even if it isn't the colour I had planned for that day. It is just magical. (I don't have a post on this yet but expect one this week :))

Color Club Cloud Nine | This will always sit right up there within my top 3 of any favourites I will have, the holo is like no other and just look how yummy it is. This is usually my grab polish for those 'needing a fresh mani' kinda days. Application is a dream also - 2 coats!!

INM Winners Red | I have never been a fan of red, maybe because I am so pale it can sometimes be way to much, this red though is gorgeous! I had to include it, I only recently got this and I have worn it a few times. I do own a few lovely reds but this is so charming and gives that classic rich vibe. Application is amazing, 1 coat.

Illamasqua Jo'Mina | OMFG, this polish just wow. It is a total bitch to capture on camera, definitely one of those must see IRL to appreciate how stunning it really is! I was kicking myself when I put this on today, why don't I wear it more often? sheeez. Application is amazing on this polish, 2 coats.

W7 Twilight | This is a newbie for me, I knew it was going in my top 10 even before trying it out. I was just as impressed wearing it, it's also another dark shade for me but I find it suits me rather well ;) I will also be having a post plus macro shots etc this week! A must see and purchase, application again is fantastic, 2 coats.

Orly Miss Conduct | Do you remember everyone flipping out to own this one? I noticed it amongst IG a lot!! I was a late grabber but finally this beauty was mine! Worth the wait? Hell fricking YES! Seriously stunning, application amazing again - post here.

*2 favourites in one!*

Face of Australia Have Your Cupcake & Eat It Too | No words for this, my ultimate favourite always, whilst on the hunt for my ideal shade I got sent this in nail mail, best fricking polish ever! The hunt was over... but a new one started :( I NEED A DAMN BACK UP! This will also never budge from the favourites.

Essie Good As Gold | I am not a huge fan of gold polishes, this one though is just the right gold for me. Not that yellow gold you find a lot and just all round lovely. Application is amazing - 1 coat.

*Post here*
SpaRitual It's Raining Men | I can not express the must have of this polish, its magical! Shown in the picture is one coat over Illamasqua Jo'mina!! Just look at how it puts a beautiful unicorn coating to Jo'mina. I feel like I must try it over every kind of colour, maybe just maybe I might ;).

Barry M Denim | If you have been following me for a while you may remember my 'The best denim polish ever' post, yep this is it for sure! I love how it can transform with the added topcoat or matte topcoat. Pure flawless application - 1 coat. Post here.
There we have my 'current top 10 mainstream polishes'. I know later I will be sitting there thinking 'Why didn't I include this one?!' ugh, I may have had that thought once already LOL.
What do you think of my Top 10? Would you have any of these in your favourites?
Below is the list to other British Bloggers sharing their favourites ;) Check them out!
Lou xx

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

I Love Nail Polish Ultra Chrome Collection Swatches and Review

Oh do I have an awesome post to share with you all today!
I received these a few weeks ago and just could not figure out a way to showcase them, I didn't want to just do 'plain' swatches but I also didn't want to lose focus of them.
Finally I decided to do an accent nail featuring the ILNP logo ;) the background for this was all 4 of the ultra chromes dry brushed on over black for a seriously amazing effect.
*picture heavy post!!*

Amazing isn't it! I adore this macro shot so much! And have more below just because you need to see it :O

*swatches are all shown with 2 coats over black topped with 1 coat of H K Girl Topcoat*

Birefringence | This polish, wow. It shifts strongly from blue to purple and pink and in some lights you can catch that orange an red sneak in. Flawless application.
*Shown below is a picture near the lightbox light. ;)

* Macro time!


Mutagen | A seriously amazing bright green shifting to blue, pink, purple and orange in some lights. I caught the awesome pale pink shift in certain lights although that refused to play on camera.
*Shown below near the lightbox light.

* Macros!


My Little Glacier | An icy almost grey blue with a very subtle shift of purple and an almost teal shade in some lights. This had the least shift but I still adore it!
*Shown below near the lightbox lights.



Cygnus Loop | This is very similar to Birefringence but has more of a rich purple base instead of blue. The shift is also very similar - the most in your face shift is to purple then fuschia along with orange and even a tad gold/yellow. This is my absolute favourite of the 4 - if I had to just pick 1.
*Shown below near the lightbox light.

*Macro time, also containing my fav macro - check this out! OHMY.

PHEW. Who made it to the end? High 5 if you did lol.
I cant express how much I love these polishes, ILNP is a serious creator of beauty.
If you get the chance to own any of these, take it! Grab that with both hands and treasure them forever! ;) IRL you will squeal even more trust me.

You can find ILNP -
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Lou xx