Tuesday, 15 October 2013

SAW Doll blood splatter Nail Art + Tutorial on real blood splatter!

More Halloween nail art for your viewing pleasure ;) I went a little more creepy this time !!
I absolutely HATE the SAW doll, it creeps me out so much ugh... I decided to bite my lip and do it! The image I come across on Google was as though he was behind smashed glass/mirror. I did my best to recreate the image and love the outcome.
I went with my ever favourite blood splatter on the rest of the nails, I ended up doing a youtube video for you all as like last year I got asked how I did this. Check that video at the end ;)

For my index, middle and pinkie I used OPI Skull & Glossbones as the base colour, on my ring finger I used Sally Hansen Dorien Grey.

Here it is all finished, I hope you like these nails! I will try and do some cute Halloween designs this year - no promises though as I really love to get the creep out lol.

I hope you enjoy the video - please tag #TipsandTopcoatRecreate or #TANDTFEAT on Instagram if you recreate the blood nails using my tutorial ;)

Lou xx


  1. This is cool! I think you have the colours just right :)
    new follower here.Id love for you to follow me back please check my blog xx

  2. Omg, this is awesome! The SAW doll looks amazing :D

  3. I'm always pinning your stuff! This is one awesome and creepy mani!

  4. Holy Batman! These are freaking awesome, I love these movies too. The creepier the better I reckon. I don't think you should do pretty and cute, leave that for the others and keep doing awesome!<3

  5. This is scary! lol :p
    But it's still amazing :)


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