Monday, 21 October 2013

INM Week* Sunbeam Nail Art - Featured on Nail It Mag!!

Hi loves,
Today is the start of INM Week! I decided to do this because I got an awesome package and it would be easier to break it up! For today we have Sunbeam Nails - I got asked by Nail It Mag if I would like to do an How To. This was the perfect opportunity to try out some colours :)

Colours used are -
El Sol - A gorgeous yellow which sways between lemon and mango yellow, it also contains subtle golden shimmer.
Coral Cove - A yummy rich coral with a seriously gorgeous amount of golden shimmer. This is one of my favourites! * 2 coats for full coverage*
Merlot - A dreamy plum red crème, this is just beautiful. *2 coats for full coverage*

Can you catch the shimmer - Ugh, just yum!

As I stated in the beginning I did a full tutorial on this for Nail It Mag which you can see on their website here - Clicky

I am really very impressed with INM Nails, the polishes are wonderful and I had no trouble with them. I also used both their matte and normal topcoats which I love! I will talk more of them later this week. ;)
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- Website 
- Instagram

Enjoy all,
Lou xx


  1. Wowzers! brilliant as always hun! z

  2. fantastic!, but the link to the tutorial doesn't work, just in case you didn't know xx

  3. Georgous, love the sideways gradient!


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