Wednesday, 23 October 2013

INM Week* Summer Brights :O Leopard Print

I know its all about the dark fall colours now but a little bright won't hurt anyone will it? ;)
I love love loveee the combo for today and actually kept it on for a few days!
You all know I will include some leopard print when I get the chance ;) ha.

Colours used -
Blue Iris - A gorgeous pale but bright turquoise, so amazing! 2 flawless coats.
Unnamed Pink - OMG! I don't know how the label disappeared on this one, it either came without or just vanished. FML! :( This is the ultimate neon gorgeous pink! It took (( 2 coats to apply on the studs ))

This combo is so yummy! As stated above the studs are painted with the unnamed pink. I also used black paint for the spots.
These polishes are amazing! Seriously so good.

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Lou x


  1. Your leopard spots are amazingly tiny! Love this look and the colour combo :)

  2. Love these! I work for INM the pink is called Bikini :)

  3. Your leopard spot patterns are amazing!


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