Friday, 25 October 2013

INM Week* Pon and Zi Nail Art

Woo, the creation of this nail art was hard! After matching up colours all week for different designs to squish it all into one week, I got left with 3 random colours. I weren't sure how I was going to do this until I came across a Pon and Zi picture, bammm you all know I love these funny pics!

Colours used -
Partido - This is a very pastel light blurple which shows more IRL. Gorgeous with flawless application - 2 coats.
Lilac Attack - A Lovely light plum with a shimmer shift of bright purple. (2 coats for the mountains over Partido)
It's Red-iculuos - Jelly red with fine glitter, this screams Christmas!. Opaque in 2-3 coats. (Used on the little heart)
Topped with INM Out The Door Matte.

The little writing reads -
' I went to pick you a flower, but it was a venus fly trap and it bit my head, so I killed it and got you this piece of grass instead' LOL! I just find this so funny. hahaa!
The design is done using acrylic paints and INM Glitter.

I hope you all enjoy :)
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Lou xx


  1. Wow, I'll just go and die now. Amazing! By far the best nail art I've ever seen.

    Linked this to Jeff yet?

    a Pon & Zi fan for life (from now on a fan of you too)

  2. R u serious? U painted those words? R ur nails really, really wide or something because they appear quite normal. And u can even read all the words, I am....I can't even think an appropriate word, amazed!

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