Thursday, 10 October 2013

Darth Vader kills Yoda?!

Haha! More Halloween style nail art for tonight! I done these for a competition on Instagram and as an example this was mentioned. You all know I love a challenge, and it was perfect since inspiration has been 0 lately! ;)
So I tried my best and this was the result -

I thought they would look better with Matte topcoat but after doing it I wasn't so sure. -

I went with Darth Vader holding Yoda's heart in one hand, with Yoda's brains on the end of the Light Saber and with Yoda's head smashed and slid down my nail! Hope this shows well on my nails :)
I was pleased with this mani, expecially Darth ! The base colour is Orly Mysterious Curse. :)

Hope you all like it,
Lou xx


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