Sunday, 8 September 2013

Shoutout Sunday

Time for this weeks Shoutout Sunday, finally some lovely action on the blog eh! Sorry about being quiet. I had a scare which has left me & my family worried. With an emergency docs apt I am feeling more at ease.

Anyway lets all show these beautiful manis some love!

How gorgeous are these nails? So delicate. Love them <3

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Instagram - @Kelseyann_m

Leopard print heart :O Perfection for my love of the print! Gorgeous.

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Instagram - @Yazzied
Blog - Yasminduly
Youtube - AllThatYazz

How blinking adorable are these Curious George nails?! Love Love Love them!

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Instagram - @nailsbyalexiz

I am absolutely loving these nails, perfect and unique! Gorgeous.

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Instagram - @xbea_nails

Mickey and Minnie what?! Ahhh I just love this wonderful nail art. Perfect.

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Instagram - @Pinkinpolish


I seriously love seeing all the amazing talent in the nail world & being able to share them with you all!
I hope you all enjoy, please if you would like to be featured don't forget to hashtag #TandTfeat on Instagram!

Lou xx

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