Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Nail Art inspired by Chelsea King

Hey guys!
Quick post for you all today, I did this nail art around 2weeks or so ago hence the longer nails.
Chelsea King posted a perfectly gorgeous mani on her Instagram, I immediately thought 'I must do this!' It just had my name written all over it ;)

I used my all time favourite pink Face Of Australia - Have Your Cupcake And Eat It Too! Ugh I seriously need 10 back up bottles of this :(:(:(
With that I used black acrylic paint :).

Just because I am one of those people who play with iPhone apps, have this funky shot ;)

I tried my best but Chelsea literally did this design perfectly amazing!

I hope you all enjoy,
Lou xx


  1. very nice! i may just have to re-creat this aswell, it's so pretty! : )


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