Saturday, 28 September 2013

Another real life attempt, Tiger style!

Hey loves,
Phew! Today's nail art was something I worked on last night, I posted a sneak peek on my Instagram (tipsandtopcoat) where I got so much positive comments! Thank you. 
This took me nearly an hour to do, purely because I really wanted to work hard on ' nailing it' haha. 

Here is my little fella next to my inspiration, I have some hmmm's on certain bits of mine but overall I love it! I have slacked on nail art due to personal stuff but I am glad to come back & do something I am proud of lol.

Here's some bottle shots :) 

I didn't know what to do on the other nails, I wanted the tiger to be centre of attention. I used a base colour of W7 Black topped with a franken mix. 

I hope you all enjoy this piece, any thoughts are appreciated! :)
Lou xx


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