Saturday, 3 August 2013

When your world is feeling a little black & white ..

Blahde, soooo today's nail art is pretty simple, I have had no inspiration or up n go for nail art, for a while now! 
After a little overthinking I ended up doodling black lines over the nail & filling some shapes in. 
You know those times you over think & give up? Yep I had that with this lol!! 

At the moment my life is feeling very black an white, searching for the colourful rainbow... It'll come soon, I hope! 

& this is what it led to, pretty much how I'm feeling, all the manic lines an the dead ends leading nowhere. 

Think rainbows Lou! Paha.

I used Sally Hansen Lavender Cloud as the base on all fingers besides my ring, which is Toya-Jade Polish in Silver Lights (review soon!)

Quick & simple today,
Lou xx


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