Tuesday, 6 August 2013


Wow! So I never quite realised how much  mess I am having is causing here!
With trying to sort it & get my mojo back, I've decided to add some changes to the blog!

First up we have 'Guest Blogger Week' - this will happen every month! I love this idea, it gives me a break to catch up & also gives recognition to other amazing bloggers! 
The first round will start next week Monday for this month.

Second update is 'Shoutout Sunday' - this will be a weekly thing, I've started a hashtag on Instagram (@TipsandTopcoat) just for this, so make sure to follow me over there to get your chance at being feat! The idea is each week ill pick a few from the tag & put all into one post, adding in each persons info (IG name, blog if have one & so on). I also like this idea alot, I have 2 young kids & weekend is most demand for me. I need a mummy break to chill and be lazy right?! Haha.
This will be starting on this Sunday! Watch out for that :)

So far that's the updates, I will be blogging as much as I can, it's super hard at the moment! I don't want to ruin TipsandTopcoat, it's took me alot to be at a point I am today. Hopefully bringing in these updates it'll help the ball roll :)

Hope you're all well,
Lou xx


  1. Hi!! I loove all the changes and Ideas. And be sure I will use your hashtag! I emailed you. Did you get it?

  2. Love the changes! Can't wait to see them!


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