Sunday, 18 August 2013

Shoutout Sunday

As the title states, it is time for another round of the Sunday love ;)
I love checking out the #TandTfeat hashtag on Instagram, finding all the amazing talent is wonderful! I have picked our few for this week so enjoy!

Find out more on my Instagram if you want to be feat! :)

Look at this beautiful mani! I am in loveeee, totally fits what we are all about with nail art <3

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Instagram - @JessicaElizabethx
Facebook - I Art Nails @The Salon

Holy smokesss! I am just wowed, adore adore adore!! Beautiful & perfect art work.

By -
Instagram - @Polisheddayyys
Blog - Polisheddayyys

Mix match nails just get me happy every time I see them, & these are gorgeous!

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Instagram - @l0lmelissaaa

Minionnnnns! Omgosh, I am loving this mani... Just look at them faces!! Get me giggling, perfect mani!

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Instagram - @AnneColt
Blog - Fashionynails
Youtube - AnneColt

Summer lovinggggg, these nails make me want to get on a plane & fly away! Perfect palm trees yum! The base colors are amazing for this.

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Instagram - @itstropical93

You all know my love for leopard print! These mint nails were done in honour of Talia Joy, truly beautiful.

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Instagram - @_Kaohulani_

SpongeBob! Booya, not going to lie, I love this cartoon :O & these nails are beyond perfect!! Serious skill.

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Instagram - @Arvonka_nails
Blog - Arvonka-Nails

Just look at all these beautiful nails! Thank you to everyone who tags #TandTFeat on Instagram - If you want to be feat then don't forget to use that hashtag!

Enjoy all
Lou xx


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