Sunday, 11 August 2013

Shoutout Sunday

Oooo it is our first edition of Shoutout Sunday!! If you are not quite sure what this is about, you can check the Updates post HERE.
After checking through the hashtag on Instagram, I have picked our few for today :)
*In no particular order*

A beautiful neon galaxy! Definitely one of the best I have seen! Perfect.

By -
Instagram - @Banicured_

I am loving this, and definitely want to recreate it! Inspired by Ben Kenney's Burn The Tapes album. The matte topcoat really adds so much to this. Perfectly done!

By -
Instagram - @SqueakyNails
Blog - SqueakyNails

These nails were inspired by Professor Layton. I personally have no idea what it is about but I am loving this mani! Look at the art skills - she is aged 13!! Just wow!

By -
Instagram - @LunaLovesChocolate

I adore this suttle & beautiful nail design, perfect half moon gradient. Amazing for any occasion and colour choice is yum!

By -
Instagram - @Peyton_xoxo

My oh, how adorable is this nail art!! So beautifully done too. Perfect.

By -
Instagram - @KaitieNash

Ugh, such a perfect gradient, seriously super jealous! Love Love Loveeeee this!

By -
Instagram - @NailsBySophiaa

The perfect summer nails at your service! How scrummy are these! So bright & refreshing, just what you need.

By -
Instagram - @MrzNailz

A perfect gradient along with a perfect watermarble - jealous! The skills, watermarbling just hates me! I shall sit back an admire these instead :P

By -
Instagram - @ThePolishedOkie


I have yet to do an iKat mani! I absolutely adore this yellow iKat, done so gorgeously! Along with the iKat, look at those Ed Edd & Eddy nails!! Ahhhh, I am in love!

Both Designs By -
Instagram - @JessJane07
Blog - JessJaneNailArt

How gorgeous are all our Sunday features! Be sure to go and check them all out, I absolutely love finding new talent & I hope you all will enjoy this new edition.
Huge thank you and lots of love to everyone using the hashtag!

Lou xxx


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  2. Omg, those Professor Layton nails are killing me. These are all great, thanks for sharing!


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