Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Shark Week Nail Art

Oh some nail art?! Yes dude!
Today I decided to do some Shark Week nails, I had no idea what this is ... But thought I'd join in after seeing a few stuff involving shark week.
Someone mentioned that its basically a week of shark programmes on the Discovery Channel?! I may have read wrong lol! 

I am not much a fan of sharks if I am honest, so I went with a friendly shark ... 

LOL! You know that it's funny hahaha! 
With everything getting me down, I thought I would amuse myself. It worked may I add hahha! 

I had to macro the shark just so you can see his ever so elegant human nashers LOL! 

Lol! I can't even. I used Gosh Ocean as the base colour btw ;) 

When I get a moment to have a break its for a short amount of time, so I apologise that this isn't like my usual art. 
Still some nail art is better right?!

So yep, isn't our friendly shark great? I named him Fred! My sense of humour is just .. Wow. Lol

Enjoy all,
Lou xx


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