Friday, 30 August 2013

Monthly Mani Favourites - August

I usually just do this tag on Instagram but seeing as my phone is being an a** I chose to include them here too! 
Monthly mani favourites is just a round up of the manis you have done that month that are your favourites, obviously! Lol! 

I haven't done my nails much at all this month, actually shocked at just how low it is :( damn life. I have chosen 4! These have all been on my blog so you can go ahead an see the full posts on each :) 

So up first is my Spider-Man mani, most detailed art I've probably done this month & I love it! I have tried & failed him before so pretty glad I succeeded? Lol! 
Second are my Paris nails (check the post or my youtube for the video on these) - I just love the not perfect sketchy look! :)
Next we have the delicate rose style mani, I rarely do stuff like this.
Lastly my shark nails!!! Hahahhaa - I still giggle every damn time, how darling is e LOL! 

So that's the brief of my favourites, which on of the 4 is yours? 
Would you like to see this every month? Let me know ;)

Hope you're all well,
Lou xx


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