Saturday, 17 August 2013

Guest Blogger for August - Polished To Precision

Hi loves, its our last lovely guest blogger for this month! Tiffany from Polished to Precision has a lovely post for us, enjoy all xx

Hello Lovelies!!! I am so honored to do a guest post for Tips & Topcoat today! I have been in constant admiration and astonishment of the intricate designs, details, and artwork that Lou creates. She is absolutely amazing! 

My name is Tiffany and I live in Orlando, Florida. Yep…that’s right…Disney World is practically in my backyard. I am married to a wonderful man and we have three young children (8 and 9 year old boys & a 2 year old daughter). I am currently entering into my last year of study for my Master of Social Work degree. My blog is called Polished to Precision and is VERY new, as I just started on August 1, 2013. I am into my second week and I am having a blast. Come and check it out when you have a moment…

Today I decided to create a look using a few of my A England polishes.  To begin, I used one coat of Saint George on my ring and middle fingers. I also used two coats of King Arthur on my pinky and index fingers. 

Next I decided to try some nail art using my striping tape. This is my first time attempting a gradient with striping but I am rather pleased with the outcome.
I placed the tape diagonally on each nail. For the middle and ring fingers, I added Saint George, Dragon and King Arthur to a cosmetic sponge and dabbed each color until the nails were covered. I then pulled the tape off (while still wet) and added topcoat!! Taa-dah!!!
For my pinky and index fingers, I used the same technique as above. I changed the order of the colors on the sponge to create a slightly different effect. This time I used King Arthur, Dragon, and Saint George (in that order) and sponged them onto each nail until covered, removed the tape (while wet), and added topcoat.  
I really love the look of gradients and the striping tape adds another element, without becoming overwhelming.  
I really hope you like the look I created! Thank you so much again Lou for this opportunity. As I stated above, I am very new to the blogging world, so I would be happy to have you follow the progression of my blog. My information is below! 
Instagram- @polishetoprecision 
Twitter - @PolishPrecision
Pinterest- @PolishedtoPrecision 


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