Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Guest Blogger for August - Follow Gashin

Our lovely Follow Gashin is here for the 2nd post for Guest Blogger Month of August. Enjoy loves!

Hello Lou's lovelies!

I'm so unbelievably honoured to be able to guest post here at Tips and Topcoat. Lou is amazingly talented, as you are obviously well aware, and I've been such a huge fan for such a long time! I wanted to do something painted because of her painting skills, and this is what I came up with.
I was out hiking this past weekend and ran into some bleeding hearts. What an interesting flower! I find them strangely irresistible. Unfortunately, the awesome dark-green-on-dark-purple background comes across TOO dark in the lightbox, so some of the nuance of this mani is lost-- should have thought of that before I ended up with a fully finished hand! ;) 
But here is a flash photo to give you a much better idea of how the colours come across in person:
And of course the requisite close-up!!
And today, just because you're all so wonderful, I'm actually going to show you my Cinderella hand! GASP! I opted for Ophelia's Love because it has a lot of visual interest, being a thermal and all. And the pinkish flakes that fill it mirror the pink bleeding hearts very well. :) You can see the full transition on a couple of my fingers-- this was pretty hard to achieve because my hands are usually so cold!
Polishes used:
Wonder Beauty Products - Euphoria
Zoya - Katherine
Polished by KPT - Ophelia's Love
Duri - Rejuvacote (base coat)
la couleur couture - 2013 (top coat)
acrylic paints in green, brown, crimson, yellow, white, and black
tiny detail brush

Thank you again so much for having me, Lou, and all my best to you lovelies!


Instagram - @Gashin_Nails



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