Wednesday, 31 July 2013

piCture pOlish Swatches from the Blog Fest!

Soooooo, like a complete loop that I am.. after seeing the first blog fest posts I then realised I in actual fact misread the email and swatched all 3 polishes for absolutely no reason!! o_O
It is ok though because at least I could get them up in a separate post for you all ;) plus I may well be switching to a black backdrop from now soooo.. :D

To view my blogfest post and to see all details on each polish click HERE.
This is just a quick bam pic post? Make sense... Okay! Lets rollll

First up we got Mallard -

This I had to macro! :P

Up next is Tango

Lastly we got my favourite of the 3 - Metallic Mush! ;)

I thought it was worth posting instead of not ;) *also click the images to see them bigger :)*
Remember to check the post here for details etc.

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I hope you all enjoy this quick post.
Lou xx


  1. Goodness, Mallard really is stunning!


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