Saturday, 13 July 2013

Lewis Crow inspired nail art :)

Finally right? I have missed doing nail art so much, but I just have no time to commit as much at the moment. That an being very uninspired does not help lol!

I was super excited when one absolute amazing artist on Instagram, announced a little contest (I came 2nd btw! YAY :O:D). I was like bammmmm - because I have wanted to do his art on my nails forever!!

You can find Lewis Crow on Instagram and Twitter :)

So here are the 4 images I chose to do on my nails -

How amazing is his work! I love love love the little crow characters.
Here is the outcome of mine -

Shiny version firstttt ;)

I then went crazy with the matte pics.... don't hate me! I am so proud of these, I usually don't photo bomb, just one time? lol!

Ok I shall stop here lol !! How cute are they though!!

My base colour is OPI - Skull & Glossbones, I then added watered down brown for the added effect.

What one is your favourite? Mine has to be the albino crow (middle finger).

I hope you all enjoy - be sure to check out Lewis Crow on Instagram and Twitter :)

Lou xx


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