Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Above The Curve Nail Polish; Swatches and Review

Are you all ready for some glorious spam, :O I received 15 mini polishes from
Above The Curve... Don't panic! I have separated them into separate groups just so the spam isn't so crazy.
Amongst the 15 were 5 - ice cream style bottles.. I actually don't know why but these did remind me of ice creams... Lets roll with it ok ;) 

The 5 I am showing you all today are - Aurora, Genevieve, Kiss My Asteroid!, You're Turning Ne-On! and Sugar Rush.

Because these are mini bottles, my hands refused to play ball on holding them, so I used my regular swatch bottle :)

Up first is Aurora with flash -

Without Flash -

Aurora is part of the Fallen Angel Collection, I do have (Fallen, Risen, Divine & Guardian Angel polishes to share, but that will be soon - you will see why). She is a beautiful holographic purple with a blue/pink shimmer. This is one of my absolute favourites!
Fantastic application, needing only 2 coats! :)

Next is Genevieve -

Genevieve is the most gorgeous peachy pink I have ever seen! I really loved wearing her, so suttle and girly. She has a very silent gold shimmer, I say silent because I could not really see it at all - my macro had some trouble picking it up as well, hence why the macros are a little blurry. Sorry :O! Again perfect application, needing 3 coats.

Kiss My Asteroid! with flash -

Without flash -

Kiss My Asteroid! - Oh my!! Oh my!! I have found the perfect black.. I am in love! This beauty hit the wow as soon as I applied it! I started and found tiny little black specks, I was like wtf? I need to shake the bottle real quick, till the light hit it - casually I was like Ohhhhh, what a idiot you are hahahaha laugh over ;)!
Actually this beauty is a black holographic polish containing tiny black holographic glitters also. Silly me! Lol.
I used 3 coats, but 2 could have easily been fine! Perfect application.

Up next is You're Turning Ne-On! -

You're Turning Ne-On! This is one gorgeous topper, now you all know I usually swatch polishes like this over black - but ATC got me on this one haha! This beauty contains Black and White glitters in a variety of shapes and sizes along with neon blue, neon pink & neon green hexes. I love love love this - It required no fishing at all, perfect application also! I used 2 coats over Sally Hansen Wet Cement.

Lastly we have Sugar Rush -

Sugar Rush, oh my golly gosh! This is one perfect little beauty right here! You know my love for these types of polishes, in love is an understatement today! This is a white crelly polish jam packed full of mini lime green holo hexes and mini navy blue hexes, tiny pastel yellow hexes, small neon pink and blue hexes, lilac hexes and light matte pink circles! The cheeky circles were hidden in the bottle, so I didn't even know there was any until I did the macro shot :O lol!!
This polish can be worn alone, or on top of a white polish. I chose to go alone - 3 yummy coats! Great application again.

Some of these may not look 'smooth' that is because I didn't use my Seche Vite, :( for swatching purpose I am using LACC 2013 because I am nearly out of SV now :'(

Overall - I absolutely love all of these, they are truly beautiful! The combos are perfect and application amazing!

All polishes are priced between $9.00 and $8.00 with some being on sale for $7.00. Minis are $4.50.
What makes Above The Curve very special is with each purchase -
$1.00 of every bottle sold is donated to Shriner's Hospitals For Children.
You can find all of these on Above The Curve website - also follow Above The Curve on Facebook for all the updates and fun activities they run each week. :)

I hope you all enjoy,
Lou xx


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