Sunday, 9 June 2013

Ruby Gloom tattoo inspired nail art

As the title states this is Ruby Gloom inspired, I don't actually know who she is? It was only after posting on Instagram that people informed me of her. 

The idea to do tattoo inspired nail art came from an IG contest, I was excited to enter because I just adore tattoos! I wanted to be different on the design I chose, I love unique tats and that's why I went with this. Tattoos to me tell a story and should be unique to yourself. I have never been one to follow anyone's footsteps expecially with tattoos. All my tattoos have meaning, an so will future ones. Tats should be special, not 'to follow suit on everyone getting the same anchor' etc. This is my personal preferance, incase anyone wants to have a pop lol! 

Whilst google browsing I saw this image (if anyone knows who this is let me know!) unfortunately I couldn't find credit to the tattoo -

Isn't it gorgeous!! 
I took a few pieces and did my nail art - 

I loved this, gutted I had to remove it :(

I chose Nails Inc Porchester Square as the base colour, all the design is done using acrylic paints.

I hope you all enjoy tonight's art, are you a tattoo lover?
Lou xx


  1. Just incredible. I absolutely love it.

  2. The details in this one are just awesome! Your tattoo nails look amazing!

  3. That looks so it ;)

  4. Ooooh my God !!! It's very beautiful, I love !!!!! I'm a french girl and I discovered your blog and I have to admit that you're a very talented girl !!!!
    Congrats for your work on your nails !!! This nail art is very gorgeous :)
    Coralie (from France ^^)

  5. You are just so damn talented lady!!!! I LOVE THIS! Sorry for shouting lol. I agree with you about tattoos too, I love them and each to their own I say :)

  6. I love Ruby Gloom! You should check it out on Netflix if you can, it's actually a really cute cartoon. And you did it incredible justice!!! This is one helluva mani!

  7. OMG...I love these! they look identical to the tattoo!


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