Tuesday, 18 June 2013

My second horse face attempt! Youtube video

Hi loves,
Excuse the no post yesterday! I actually got to sleep early for once and had no energy to post :O sorry!
I am back today with another Youtube video, now I know how to add it to posts. Booya!

As everyone knows, my nail art can get very detailed - I haven't really put that into a video until now. Mainly because I just can't paint well on camera, getting angle right etc.
I did my best and managed to get some video together.
This is not a tutorial, I had to shorten this a lot to get it to load from my phone, it's more of a 'how I paint' video :)

And here he is, I am quite happy with the outcome! At first I was not very impressed, I think I just felt blah because I don't paint as well when videoing, but he is cute :)

For the base colour I originally had Sally Hansen Dorien Grey but decided to add Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Confetti.

You can watch this fella come together below, please let me know your thoughts!
I am hoping to be more regular on Youtube so if you would like to subscribe click here. :)

I hope you all enjoy the little video :)
Lou xx


  1. You are a wonderful artist - so jealous I can't paint like that. Yr gonna get 100's more followers after this. x

  2. Oh my..!!! Wow this is awesome, you're simply the best!

    Hugs from Spain, i still cannot close my mouth Ö !


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