Saturday, 1 June 2013

*Guest Blogger Week!!* Guest blogger 5 - My Dainty Nails Ombre Chevron Tutorial

Bit of a difference to my usual posting, time difference hit me & Angel lol!
Finally here is a gorgeousss step by step on how to create an ombre chevron mani!
Yes .. thank you so much Angel, I will be trying this tooooo :P
Hello everyone! My name is Angel and you may know me as @mydaintynails on Instagram. I'm a nail artist (in other words, nail polish & nail art addict!) from Singapore. I do my nails and I post pictures of them on my Instagram, Facebook and Blog. I'm very honored to be one of the guest blogger on tipsandtopcoat. Lou is so amazingly talented!
Today, I will be sharing how to create this easy and fun Ombre Chevrons nail art.

You will need at least three colours to do the ombre nail. These are the items I used:
Sinful Colors "Skinny Dipping", "Pragmatic" and "Pink Forever".
You will also need a make up sponge, scotch tape, striping tape and some studs. I got my 3mm nail studs on ebay.

First, paint your nails two coats of white. Add a fast drying top coat (I used Seche Vite) so that your nail polish won't peel when you remove the scotch tape later.
Then tape your nails with scotch tape and striping tape (illustrated by the green line) like this:


Now you can start to sponge the polish on your nails. Paint three horizontal stripes of the nail polish on the make up sponge starting with blue on top, then purple then pink. Make sure the colours overlap each other a little where they meet.


Slowly sponge on your nails from left to right and a little up down to blend the colours.. Repeat the steps to get a opaque finish. It took me about two to three coats.
Once you're done, carefully remove the tapes and top it off with top coat and clean up any mess you might have made. It should look like this.


It's really optional to add the studs, I just thought it looked nicer this way! You can add them on your nails when your top coat is still wet or a more secure way is to use nail glue to glue them on.
That's it! Hope you guys enjoy this nail art tutorial and don't forget to show my page some love! Have fun!
Angel (@mydaintynails)


  1. What a great twist! I love the contrast between the gradient colours and the stark white. Very nice!

  2. That expected much more better focus and I'll deal with them in different blog site posts: 3D printing, and mobile app.

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  3. great idea ! I must try this!!

  4. i totally love these nails! they look awesome and the three colors of the ombre do very well together!!

  5. that is adorable! you did a fabulous job on the gradients!

  6. That is really beautiful!

  7. Definitely pinned to use in the future. Beautiful!


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