Saturday, 8 June 2013

BellsKandi Ravers Paradise Collection swatches & review

Hi loves,
Today I have two of BellsKandi Ravers Paradise Collection to share with you all, this is not to be missed!!!
I literally had a mini rave - just me and my nails, it was fun! Get some glow polish, a black light & bammmmm... rock it!! haha ;)
Before I start I just want to say - these can be charged to glow with UV/black light aswell as direct sunlight! They do NOT require white polish underneath.
I used 3 coats alone with both Pokemons and Pink Elephants.
First up I will show you Pokemons, a highlighter neon yellow jelly with holo glitter. Beautiful! I found her a little thick to apply, but after adding a few drops of thinner all was fine.
My camera lies -.- it would not pick up the neon - just imagine highlighter. Literally!!
It is not far off this IRL without the UV. ;)
GLOWWWWWWWWW! How amazing!! :D:O
Next up we have Pink Elephants, a gorgeous neon pink jelly with holo glitter. She is gorgeous! I had no issues with her at all, as stated above I used 3 coats but on shorter nails 2 would be enough.
Again my camera lies, so much more neon IRL.
Ding Ding! My gosh.
Trippppp out! Literally I had to grab the glow at its strongest.
Now who would not want to rave it up with these on your nails? haha :P
I definitely want more and more glows, they are to much fun & look amazing!!
BellsKandi got these babies to perfection!!
You can get these in both mini & full size bottles, the Ravers Paradise Collection contains 5 glow in the dark beauties.
Her shop is on vacation mode till her restock in middle of June, so will add prices asap - visit her shop here.
Be sure to follow BellsKandi on Instagram to see more and follow updates.
Pssssst, another post in an hour - a little funk feat these two ;)
Let me know what you think below, do you like the glow polishes?
Lou xx
*Products provided for honest review, all opinions are my own.


  1. Ooh! I love these! I just realized they *kinda* match the eye makeup I posted today. Is that bad? ;)


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