Sunday, 5 May 2013

Topshop Nail Polish (x3); Review & Swatches :)

Hi loves,
I got the wonderful opportunity to review some gorgeous polishes from Topshop for you all.
I am super excited for these, being a nail polish addict I love trying new variety.
Today I have 3 colours to show you - Rad, Venus Fly Trap & Beach Shack, along with thier Gel Effect Topcoat.
First up is Rad - This is exackly what Topshop describe on thier website, a gorgeous apple green creme polish. It is slightly lighter IRL to my pics. I had no issues with this polish, flawless application. I needed 2 coats.

Next up we have Venus Fly Trap - Literally I think this is my favourite green ever! The colour is described as Pistachio green and I can't disagree, it is exackly that. I was like :O wow! I kept thinking 'Ooo a pastel neon' that is all I could describe it as ha! I was shocked at how well it applied, I had the dreaded thought it would be real bad but application was fabulous! I used 3 coats for full coverage, you may only need 2 coats on shorter nails.

Finally we have Beach Shack - This is the ultimate yellow...Like banana yellow! Like all yellows, they just don't like me. I had trouble with her, application was good but she is a patchy one. I applied 3 coats but still had some patching. On shorter nails I think 3 or maybe 2 would be ok. For me it just wasn't working lol.

For all of the above I used 1 coat of Topshop Gel Effect Topcoat - I am actually rather impressed with this, like many I am dedicated to my Seche Vite, but I would certainly pull this one out alot. Drying time is great, I attempted to put the topcoat on both fully dry nails & semi wet (like you can do with Seche). On the completely dry nail the topcoat was fully dry in around 5mins. On the wet nail it took a little longer for full dryness, it was touchable in around 5 though. This topcoat is unbelievably shiny aswell! I was really wowed by just how shiny it is.
Topshop polishes are also 4-Free. Which is fabulous!
You can buy these polishes in store or online here.
They are priced between £5-6.
I hope you enjoy the post, do you own any Topshop polishes? Let me know below :)
Lou xx

*Products provided for review, all opinions are my own.

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