Thursday, 2 May 2013

Nail Pattern Boldness Inner Beauty Is For Amateurs; Swatches & Review ;)

Hey beauts,
My gosh - sorry for the no show yesterday, I cracked a nail again! I was so peeved -.- It is literally like my nails are hating me. I went months without one break, payback is a b*tch as they say haha.
Luckily this little beauty was swatched before the accident, which also sadly ment no nail art :(. I will feat her again real soon!
Inner Beauty Is For Amateurs is a gorgous red jelly containing the most beautiful iridescent blue glitter that literally does glow, as Nail Pattern Boldness states in her listing :O!
Seriously I have no words, this polish is perfection. Amoungst the blue glitters there is also micro gold glitter. Just wow!
I must be the only person who has struggled to get just how beautiful she truly is, to even want to show up. Annoying doesn't cut it lol!
The lightbox was like 'no not today'.. So I went running about like a mad woman to catch some sun, thanks British weather.. Oh how I love you  -.-
I managed to grab some in my sons room, explaining to a 3 year old that he must stay out from blocking the sun did not go down well, Questions like ''Why mum?' 'What are you doing.. nails?!' hahaha. Love him.
Swiping through around 150 photos, literally 4 were 'ok' so I apologise lol!
I used 2 coats of Nail Pattern Boldness Glitter A-Peel as my base coat, 2 coats of Inner Beauty Is For Amateurs followed by 1 coat of Seche.
*The only lightbox pic*

I kept switching about in the pictures to 'attempt' capturing the beauty.. ughhh.
This last photo I find so funny, with my constant angle changing & quick snapping where I was like 'Yes! Perfect' -.- This happened?! I think I must have totally clashed with the sun & camera angle but you get to see more of the sparkle & blue glitters.
Even with the sparkle shining through on the last photo, this polish is a *must see* IRL.
She is just so perfect! It really reminds me of strawberries?! You can so totally see what nail art I was going to do haha. ;)
Application was flawless, as stated above only 2 coats needed for her. Beautiful.
Nail Pattern Boldness polishes are priced at $9.00 and can either be bought directly from NPB HERE, or via Llarowe HERE.
I hope you all enjoy my post, do you own any Nail Pattern Boldness? Let me know your must haves below ;)
Lou xx
*Product provided for review, all opinions are my own.

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