Friday, 31 May 2013

*Guest Blogger Week!!* Guest Blogger 4 - Chameleon Stampede Spring/Summer Stamping

Ahh, these amazing stampers :O Absolutely gorgeousss mani from Mandy today.
She really does bring Spring & Summer into this mani
Thank you hun - enjoy all <3
Hello everyone! <waves>
I'm so excited to be here at Tips and Topcoat today! My name is Mandy and I have a blog called Chameleon Stampede. I've been a huge fan of Lou's amazing work and her ability to do freehand. I don't have that ability, so I brought you some stamping today :)
I'm trying to wish spring and summer into reality with this mani. It's been so cold in the midwest, but it's finally warming up. I started with 2 coats of Orly Pointe Blanche for my base. I use this color a lot because it's pure white and it dries pretty fast as well.

For my little flowers I used a Mash 17 plate and blended Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow with Sally Hansen Back to the Fuchsia. I always have good luck stamping with Sally Hansen polish because it's usually thick and opaque. I also used Essie's Orange, It's Obvious! to add some little dots to the middle of the flowers.
I hope you like my little flower mani and that you'll join me soon in the Chameleon Stampede!
Thanks again for having me Lou!

Thanks and love!

Thursday, 30 May 2013

*Guest Blogger Week!!* Guest Blogger 3 - Rainysunraynails Textured fun - Sponging and Stamping

Guest blogger Kristin has two gorgeous manis for us today!
WOW! I can not stamp at all.. so jealous!
Thank you for sharing hunny - enjoy all <3
Hello all you Tips and Topcoat fans!
Thanks Lou for having us guest bloggers on this week! So much fun and a fantastic way to bring nail artist together!
I'm Kristin Day from Rainysunraynails Its so amazing to be part of this community. I love all things nail art. And I am a huge fan of Tips and Topcoat.

Today I had some fun with textured polish. Sponging and stamping. Both simple techniques with beautiful outcomes.
Lets start with the sponging manicure.
I started with one coat of Julie G's nail color in Crushed Candy. Then sponged on both the Crushed Candy and Blueberry Fizz. I did two coats of sponging to get the full color of the Blueberry Fizz.
I then cleaned up the edges with acetone and art brush. This took a little longer then usual because of the texture in the polish.

Now to the stamped textured manicure.
My base for this is Orly FX in Black Pixel in two coats.
I then stamped the accent nail with the new 2013 Cheeky Jumbo Plate in European Romance with Sinful Colors in Casablanca

Thanks for having me!


Wednesday, 29 May 2013

*Guest Blogger Week!!* Guest Blogger 2 - Just Ricarda L'Oreal Paris' Versailles Romance Collection swatches & review

The lovely Rica is hitting off day 2 with some gorgeous swatches!
Make sure to show her some love, this is her first ever guest post :O <3
Hi Dolls! I'm Rica from Lou is one of my favorite talented nail artists from Instagram. When she had offered me the chance to do a guest blog post for Tips and Topcoat, I was humbly honored. I hope I don't disappoint her readers! I'm excited about these four polishes that was recently added to my collection. For those who do not know me, I'm quite bit the polish collector. Currently, I have nearly 1,500 polishes in my collection. It's all cataloged on my blog under "My Polish Stash" - go have a look.
Without further ado, here are the four gorgeous pastel colors from the Versailles Romance collection by L'Oreal Paris. This is their Spring 2013 limited edition collection. The four colors are: Royally Yours, Creme Puffs, Pistachio Dream, and Lacey Lilac.
What do you think of these pastel colors? This makes me think of Marie Antoinette eating macarons at the Versailles in the springtime! Macarons do come in assorted pastel colors. The color names L'Oreal Paris have assigned these polishes couldn't be any more perfect.
Royally Yours is this baby blue creme. The color is absolutely divine. Dries to a glossy finish. This one takes 3 thin coats to full opacity.

Creme Puffs is this soft pastel yellow creme with a subtle golden shimmer to it. It really does compliment my skin tone. This one takes 3 thin coats to full opacity. Unfortunately yellow nail polishes, in general, are notorious for streaking problems. There was some slight streaking with Creme Puffs but this was fixed by the third coat.

Pistachio Dream is this pastel mint green creme with a slight shimmer to it. This takes 3 coats to full opacity.

Lacey Lilac is this pastel-like lilac creme. This one takes 2 coats to full opacity.

Aren't these colors beautiful? I'm a sucker for pastels. Would I recommend these? Probably yes, even though most of the colors required 3 coats for full opacity. How can one NOT resist these beautiful fun pastel shades by L'Oreal Paris on their nails? I give this whole collection 3 out of 5 stars. I would have given this Versailles Romance collection higher rating if all the polishes took no more than 2 coats to achieve full opacity.

The Versailles Romance collection is a limited edition collection. They may be still available online via sites like, your local drugstore, or any other store that carries L'Oreal Paris nail polishes.

For more information on L'Oreal Paris' line of nail polishes, one can visit

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

*Guest Blogger Week!!* Guest Blogger 1 - Didolines-nails Stamping with a Pueen Plate.

Hi all,
Today is the first day of Guest Blogger Week! I have 7 amazing bloggers sharing here for you all, excited!
I have had some things going on & no time for nails, so whilst I catch up - enjoy these lovely guests... Be sure to show them some Tips and Topcoat love <3
First up to hit this week off is the lovely Didoline with her gorgeous mani :O!

Hello dear Tips and Topcoat readers!
I'm so glad to be here and to share with you a manicure that I did for Lou. My name is Dorra, I'm french, and I'm known as didoline on my blog
I am a huge fan of hers, she does some amazing things, and I'm completely jealous of her gorgeous nails, aren't you??

When she told me she needed something for today (which was yesterday btw :D) I accepted the challenge! I'm a huge fan of stamping. I think it's one of the easiest way to get an awesome manicure. I love the last set of stamping plate by Pueen, there's a lot of cool designs in it! 
So I started with a purple base, and for this I used the Kiko n°331 Violet polish.

Then I took the Pueen 36 plate, and I stamped with Silver Sweep by Sally Hansen. I finished by adding a little rhinestone in the empty space of the stamped design and here's how it looks :

To make the rhinestone stick, I applied my top coat and I immediately put the rhinestone over it

And voilĂ ! I really love how it looks! What about you?

I hope you'll all enjoy this little manicure that I did for you and Lou! And thank you Lou for having me here <3

See you soon on x

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Born Pretty Store - Studs and Striper Brushes Review. Pink and gold mix-match nail art ;)

Ooo, I am seriously on a girly kick atm! Another super easy girly mani coming up.
Two of my absolute favourite polishes come out to play again today, Essie Good As Gold & Face Of Australia Have Your Cupcake & Eat It Too. *drooools*
In my parcel from Born Pretty Store, I recieved a pack of three striping brushes & some gold studs. Yum!
I chose to review them together, if you can work it in one why not right? ;)
Ok.. I kind of forgot to picture them but go over to the BPS website to view them - brushes & studs.

Is this not just super pretty? :O
I love it, even if I do say so myself... shhh just a little bigheaded moment paha!

I never use striping brushes - infact I never do stripes lol! Purely because I can never use them? I mean seriously... but I am so proud of these!
I love the striping brushes from Born Pretty Store, I was able to control them with ease, I managed to glide it fully down my nail! That is top class in my books, usually It looks like my 2 year old has had fun on my nails haha!
The studs :O how effing cute are they ?! This is my first try of studs & I was wondering what to do with them, after a close up look I realised they was smaller then I first imagined, touch!
They applied super easy, I used topcoat to apply them!
I have had them on a day now & still all in place!!! :O. They dont bulk out on your nail, & there is no way of catching them. I just love these!!!
Ok last pic :O I just could not get enough... sometimes it's ok.. maybe? :P
On Born Pretty Store website it doesn't say exackly how many studs* you get in the bag - but I would easily say 100 or so est.
They are 2mm sized & I am pretty sure you can get them in silver too.
Priced at $5.73.
The striping brushes** come in a set of three, all slightly different lengths.
Priced at $2.29.
You can find them here* & here**.
You can also get 10% off using my code - can be used for anything on their website

I hope you have all enjoyed tonights post, let me know your thoughts below.
Lou xx

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Luminites nail art, faces attempt :O

I have been planning to do this amazing group on my nails for some time now, as soon as I saw them on Britains Got Talent I was in love!
They are truly amazing & their talent blows my mind!
Fingers crossed that they win!!! :D
If you haven't heard of them yet, you can check their Youtube channel here! Please dooo, you will love them!!
They have brung something new & unique to the music industry, even if they don't win BGT I reckon they will go very far!
Onto the nail art, I tried my best so please be nice :O! I am still learning to do faces on my nails, doing these tops around 10 faces now. So still alot of progress to be done!
I am proud of the outcome, I am slowly coming to realise that even if my art is not spot on, it is improving each time. I will get to the point I will be happy, for now I enjoy seeing the progression :)

*Ben, Steph, JJ & Corey*

Doing faces is one of the most challenging work in nail art, I think anyone will agree lol! So doing 4 at one time... you can just imagine right?

For the base colour I used Sally Hansen Lavender Cloud, the design is all done using acrylic paints. :)
I hope you all enjoy it, and hopefully Luminites will like it too. Fingers crossed they get to see it :O.
Please do go check them out, they are amazing!
I have everything crossed they win BGT & all the luck in their future as a great band.
Lou xx


Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Colour Gossip Review; Love, Leopard Print and Colour Blocking?!

Ok, so I put colour blocking .. inspiration came from this style & I switched it up into my own. I really get the colour block feel from it, it's just not like the standard. ;)
I was so shocked to recieve this amazing parcel from Colour Gossip (thank you!!) but when I did, I literally did a mini boogie... seriously! :P I have been following them on Instagram a while now & their colours just look amazing!!
I recieved 6 polishes but will be showing you 3 today, the rest will be up soon!!
I also didn't do the traditional 'swatching', I wanted to mix them up with nail art.

Colours used are - Just A Tease, Fashionista & Love Child.
Just A Tease is a beautiful hot pink!! I used 2 coats for full coverage, application is flawless on this beauty!!
Fashionista - uhhhh, this polish screams barbie!! We all know I just drool over pinks, expecially the barbie type :P. I used 3 coats for full coverage but 2 could be worn on shorter nails.
Love Child is a beautiful pale lilac shade, I love this! Application was good on her, I was quite surprised as usually I have trouble on real light shades. I used 2 coats for coverage over both Just A Tease & Fashionista.

I love the outcome of this :) sooo girly!
I used black acrylic paint for the outlines & leopard print, I also coloured in the spots on opposite sides with Just A Tease & Fashionista. I hope you can see it well in the pics :D
What I love about Colour Gossip is with each polish sale they donate to charity!
They support various different charities for each collection on their website.
If you would like to find out which charities & organizations they support please click HERE.
Their slogan is ''Don't just wear a colour wear a cause!''
How beautiful is that! I love this and their polish is absolutely amazing!!
They actually posted on Instagram last night for 50% off sale on ALL their nail polishes... OMGOSH! Perfect timing from me lol :P
I notice on their website alot is already marked half price.. but they also have this code
Usual price $9.00 - sale $4.50 :D
They do also ship internationally :)
Let me know below your thoughts on tonights art, I hope you will check out this wonderful brand.
Lou xx
*Products provided for review, all opinions are my own.


Sunday, 19 May 2013

Invogue Liquid Metal Collection, swatches and review

*There products were provided for a review
Tonight I have two out of three Liquid Metal's by Invogue, Green Sheen & Fools Gold.
If you don't remember, I did indeed do a review on thier Matte Suede Effect polishes - you can find that post here, also you can find out abit more behind this brand.
I was excited to try out these, Invogue have a beautiful range for every style, including concrete & feather effect and so on.
First up Green Sheen -

Excuse the slight smudge on my ring finger.. I somehow caught the Seche brush on it lol.

I really love this one, it is the perfect teal colour! Because of the creamy metallic finish there was some streaking, as you can sort of see in my pictures. This is not really an issue to myself, the streaks are not as out there as you get with others. I love the look all together. I used 2 coats for full coverage, on shorter nails one could be enough.
Next is Fools Gold -


This really does remind me of liquid gold! Anyone?

 I surprisingly like this one, it is alot more yellow than gold but still so gorgeous! Yellows really don't go well with my nails, I was quite happy with this though. Application was amazing! I used 3 coats but 2 could have been fine. I also found this to be less streaky than Green Sheen.

Overall I really loved these, drying time on both was absolutely fabulous! They give of such a mirror like shine, wonderful!
As with all Invogue polishes they are free of Toluene, Formaldehyde, Camphor & DBP.

They come in 10ml sized bottles & can be found at Superdrug here.
These are priced at £2.99 each, for the effect polishes they are £3.49.

Superdrug currently have 3 for 2 on, so run... don't walk ;)

I hope you enjoy this post, please let me know your thoughts below.
Lou xx

*Products sent for review, all opinions are my own.

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Ruby Wing Colour Changing Polish in Meadow, swatches & review

*Product provided for a review
I am fairly new to the whole color changing process, so this was a fun polish to swatch!
I decided against nail art, I was really left wondering what would look good with each colour :/
Maybe I will have an idea soon, for now we can enjoy this beauty alone.
In sunny old England... *sarcasm at its best* - I swatched this quite late at night, once I have time when my munchkins are in bed :P. So I used my UV lamp, which gives the same results btw.
Here is a quick indoors & outdoors (uv lamp), side by side comparison -

How beautiful! I like the change, its quite dramatic :O
Full size images coming up ;)
*Outdoors (UV light)*
I love this! Its a metallic foil finish so you have to be careful on brush strokes, saying that the application was flawless on this! I only needed 2 coats for full coverage :)
Indoors this polish is a classic silver, exposed to UV rays it turns into one gorgeous rose bronze shade. It changed almost instantly when I put my hand in the UV box. You really don't have to wait long at all, I think I left my hand in there for 10seconds and bam, sexy color change ;)
I love these Ruby Wing polishes & will definately own more, they are so fun & different.
Ruby Wing is indeed the sister brand to Color Club ;) -
You can purchase these and more at Color Club UK here.
They are priced at £6.49 each.
You can also check out Color Club UK facebook, for information on new releases and so on ;) - here
I hope you have enjoyed the post, let me know your thoughts below :)
Lou x
 *Products provided for review, all opinions are my own.

Friday, 17 May 2013

Alice In Wonderland nail art :)

Finally some nail art to share :)
Me & a lovely IGer decided to do twin nails, there is a hashtag going on over there ;)
Our choice was Alice In Wonderland, wow! This was hard!!
Not even going to deny it haha :P
I done my best & I think it came out 'ok'. The rabbit has to be my favourite out of the 4 I chose.

I am really happy at my progress of aligning face features, now just to get better at 'looking alike' :). I can't believe I have been doing nail art a whole year!! :O It is so strange, going from an 'I am not really interested in this' moment, to doing my nails all the time. Haha.

I used Anna Sui in 016, as ever my nail art is all painted with acrylic paints.

I hope you all enjoy, please don't forget to hit the follow button :) & please share my blog with your friends. So grateful to all you lovely readers <3
Lou xx

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Lynnderella The Glittering Crowd, Review & Swatches

My absolute gosh!! I am literally speechless with this beauty!
I literally have taken 200+ snaps of this! I can not get enough, and the sparkle in her is just wow!!
As far as I have gathered, this little gem has 100 different glitters in it?! I mean wow wow & more wow!! I totally sat and said 'OMG I got a star' when one appeared on my index finger. Seriously hubby thought I was a loon, I on the other hand was like a big kid at christmas haha!!

It is literally like glitter heaven! Drool

The Glittering Crowd applies flawlessly!! I chose to layer 2 coats over W7 black - no dabbing or fishing for any glitter at all! The way this glided on is just pure perfection!

Everyone loves a macro shot! Just look at them :O!
I did not stop there, I had to see what this beauty would look like with a matte topcoat!


I am truly in amazement right now, I absolutely love this both shiny & matte! It is just so perfect!! Glitter confetti if you please.. Serious drool!!
I have heard that this has become VHTF ? (very hard to find) but in fact Norway Nails has this on thier website! So my UK loves, if you are wanting this head over there :)
Don't forget the cheeky 10% off ;)
Enter TIPSANDTOPCOAT10 at checkout - using all capitals.
Enjoy loves,
Lou xx
*Product provided for review, all opinions are my own.


Lynnderella Love, Lace and Lilacs, Review & Swatches

Oooo I am one super happy girly today. Firstly you may have noticed the new blog layout ;) I think it needed a change after updating my domain and new watermark. YAY!! :)
Secondly I am showing off my first ever Lynnderella polish! EEEKKK. I can't even express how happy I was to get this amazing opportunity :D:D!
I also have another Lynnderella to show you all but I have split them into 2 time slots tonight, just because I may have gone a little picture crazy.. Just a little ;)

Love, Lace and Lilacs is truly one of my all time favourite glitters! It is just so delicate & can be layered over anything!
LLL contains various sized white hexes & bar glitters, along with transulcent white hexes & squares. It is in a clear base with some very fine shimmer.

I chose to layer Love, Lace and Lilacs over Limecrime Parfait Day. Just loooook at this, seriously I would wear this when I get married, we have already chose the theme... baby pink & white. How perfect! ;)

  Macro shots!!!!! Delicious :P
I am so happy and impressed with this beauty, flawless application!
This is 2 smooth coats over Lime Crime Parfait Day.

 I believe Lynnderella only ships to the US from her Ebay store, but I recently found out for us international lovers, Norway Nails stocks them :P YAY!!
You can browse those here.

I can't get prices as of yet as Norway Nails is down for maintenance, I will edit this later.

Also .. who fancies a cheeky 10% off thier order?
Enter code TIPSANDTOPCOAT10 at checkout on Norway Nails, make sure to use capitals :)
This code will NOT expire, so make sure you jott it down for safe keeping :P

I hope you all enjoy,
Let me know below what your Lynnderella must-haves are :D
Lou xx

*Products provided for review, all opinions are my own.