Monday, 8 April 2013

Pretty Serious The Pink One; Swatches & Review ;)

Hey beauts
Excuse my lack of posts I am so ill - like I don't even know how to explain it! It is really bugging me off though ugh :(
I had to do my nails so I decided it had to be my favourite!
Yep - my absolute favourite polish, you know them 'if you could only live with one polish forever what would it be?' .. This used to be an impossible question for me to answer, until now!
Pretty Serious The Pink One is the mother of all pinks! If you love pink as much as I do... You need this! Without a doubt! :O
I was so excited to review for Pretty Serious, I love all thier packaging and polishes <3 When I saw this one along with 2 others (up soon) I literally could have cried with happiness !!!
I tried so hard to capture her but she is a right little minx.. she totally played 'NO! I won't do it, I am a must-be-seen-in-person kind of polish' :O! Naughty.
I got pretty close but imagine hot pink.. like hot pink as you could long for. Delicious.
She rocks a rather sexy blue shimmer.. Oh my! The blue shimmer just shines through so beautifully. Ahh my!
Enough of my total love spew all over this post haha ;) onto the pictures

Ohhh some macro shots? Why not ;)

The next macro is without my light box lights on.

Now I know you are in love aswell.. :O Anyone who is not..... no actually you can't be. Its impossible :P!
The Pink One is part of the Seriously Random collection which also consists of another shade Martian Sea. From what I gather these along with others were a spare of the moment random mix which were voted on 'keep or chuck' by thier followers.
You can find The Pink One HERE
The Pink One along with all thier other polishes are priced at $9.95 - Pretty Serious is also sold on Llarowe HERE
I hope you all enjoy this post & the pics.
Dont forget to also follow Pretty Serious over on Facebook, show the love ;)
Lou xx


  1. Sooo pretty want the weather to cheer up so I can out my Brights x

  2. Sooo pretty want the weather to cheer up so I can out my Brights x

  3. Sooo pretty want the weather to cheer up so I can out my Brights x

  4. It's like if all the barbies in the world died and left their pink to the Nail Polish Gods. THIS IS GORGEOUS.

  5. Wow!
    I love this polish!!!
    Great on your nails.


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