Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Born Pretty Store Sweet Color Nail Polish & Iridescent Rhinestones Review :)

Hi loves,
Today's post is a little review from Born Pretty Store - I chose thier Sweet Color nail polish in #009 & thier iridescent rhinestones. I also have another nail art item which will be up in the next few days ;)
I will start with thier Sweet Color nail polish - This applied lovely, 2 coats. It did come abit streaky on the first layer but evened out lovely on the second. I love the whole bottle, the shape & lid are so unique. The only downside is I am unsure whether this polish is 3 free etc. :( My camera had a spaz on this -.- but I got close enough.
The iridescent rhinestones - These are so so pretty!! The wheel contains 350 3mm rhinestones - 6 colors inc light & hot pink, white, pale yellow & a gorgeous pale turquoise.
These are so beautiful! My only negative is that with topcoat it completely wiped out the iridescent sheen - without topcoat the iridescent will wear off over a few hours :(
Onto the photo's so you can see -



Notice the bottom rhinestone mainly on my ring finger? The iridescent sheen completely went :( I love them though! They are perfect for a nice night out or something :P
Excuse the semi awful photo's - with the uproar on nail breakage I had to juggle around lol!
You can find the Sweet Color priced at $6.14 - I used HERE where they also have many other amazing colors :P
For the iridescent rhinestones priced at $2.50 HERE
Amazing prices!! They also offer FREE international delivery plusss get an extra 10% off anything if you use my coupon code ;) *pictured below*

I hope you all enjoy the review ;)
Lou xx


  1. I love the color and the addition of the rhinestones.

  2. Wow, this color is really gorgeous.

  3. Love the polish color and this is lovely!! Gorgeous result


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