Monday, 11 March 2013

The Bad Side Of Star Wars Nail Art :)

Hello loves,
I am so pleased to do some detailed nail art on my own nails woo!
If you follow me on either Facebook or Instagram - you will know I have been working on a special project! I finally finished it & absolutely love it! I will do a blog post on the art as soon as the person recieves it ;)

Soooo do we have any Star Wars fans? I have been requested this alot on Instagram (TipsandTopcoat) so I finally done it! I was quite scared to do this - I mean the detail on Darth Vader alone got me avoiding it haha!
I am so so happy with the outcome though! Minus the logo which may I add SUCKS! I just gave up trying in the end lol!!
I don't know much about Star Wars but tonights art is - The Bad!
I will hopefully do a good side in the next few weeks ;)

I used W7 Black on my index, middle & ring finger & Nails Inc St James on my pinky :)
The whole design was done using acrylic paints.

I hope you all enjoy this art
Please be sure to share it with your friends & family :)
Lou xx


  1. wow. i just did a star wars mani a couple of nights ago that will be posted later this week and then i see yours and i want to cry. this is some of the best nail art i've seen.

  2. OH. MY GOD. Just wow ... jaw open here :) xx Get yourself applying for Blogger of the Month !

  3. you leave me at a loss for words! hahah
    All I can say is you had absolutely nothing to fear from good ol' Darth - all details are flawless, as are those on the other badass characters :))
    Love it and I'm not even a StarWars fan! **

  4. Holy moly, that is awesome!!! My hubby (a huge Star Wars fan) is super impressed too!

  5. Amazingly well painted - fantastic work!

  6. That's brilliant! I must show it to my bf, he's a big SW fan!

  7. Thank you very much everyone for your kind words <3 xxxx

  8. OMG this is awesome! I love the shading, looks so realistic!


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