Thursday, 14 March 2013

St Patrick's Day Inspired Nail Art :)

Hey hey beauts!
I had to do a quick St Patrick's Day mani of course - I actually did not realise that its only a few days to go! Otherwise I would have started earlier lol!! Atleast I managed one mani right? Lol I am sorry :(

I saw this cute image on Google & did mine a little different, I actually did 'speed painting' tonight :O literally all in all I done this in 20mins roughly haha! I was not really feeling art tonight, plus hubby is spending time doing my nails for a contest on Instagram :O
I will totally do a blog post if he lets me lol ;)

For the base I used Barry M Emerald Green - beautiful color and application, all the design is done using acrylic paints :)

I hope you all enjoy this art and have a fantastic St Paddy's Day too :X

Lou xx


  1. Like these, the lil fella's are really well detailed :)

  2. wow!!! thats an impressive amount of detail on such a tiny space!

  3. This is amazing, you have a real talent!! xx

    Sheona @


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