Thursday, 7 March 2013

Pon and Zi Nail Art Tutorial (Part 2) *Plus What Brush I use*

OMG! Another late one - Youtube was being a donkey & took me forever to upload the video! I will put the video's on earlier from now on, that way I can resume normal blog post times lol! Anyways -

Evening loves,
Following on from my disaster day yesterday haha! If you missed it - check yesterday's post ;)
I have part 2 of my Pon and Zi nail art & tutorial ;) find the video by copying & pasting this - into your browser, or searching TipsandTopcoat on Youtube itself :D

I am not sure which of these 2 I like more but they are just soooo cute!! Maybe in the time I continue doing nails - I may set myself the target to do every Pon and Zi art :O maybe.... Lol!

For this one I used NYC Platinum Card as a base color, the design was all done using acrylic paints.
I get asked alot on where I get my brush from - if you are on Instagram (TipsandTopcoat) then search StylishNailArt - she is the person who sells the brush I use plus many many more. With international shipping available.

First photo is without matte topcoat - although the way I photographed it does not show much difference lol.

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Love to all
Lou xx


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