Saturday, 9 March 2013

Lacquerhead Polish In The Moonlight; Swatches & Review :)

Ooo second post for today & this is one blingy gorgeous must see post!!
I have another Lacquerhead Polish to show you - yeeeeep you all should know by now how much I love Alischia and her polishes! ;)

In The Moonlight is in a clear base and is full of teal holographic small & medium squares, tiny hexes & large moons.
I love this beaut!!
It applied a dream! No fishing for the moons either booooooyaaah :P
I decided to layer this over Barry M Gelly Blackberry for the added nightsky - Ok so this was in my imagination by the way lol!
At first I was totally like HMMM will this work out - & hell yes it did because I love them together!
On my index & pinky I chose to fish two moons out just to place on each. I think it looks great altogether :D

I used two coats of Barry M Gelly - Blackberry followed by two coats of Lacquerhead Polish - In The Moonlight, on both middle & ring finger.

Lacquerhead Polish can be found by pasting this link in to your browser -
Or you could just search 'Lacquerhead Polish' in Etsy ;)
Her shop is currently closed due to some family stuff but follow Lacquerhead Polish on FB to find out when it will reopen :)

I have a tiny swatch spam - just because this beaut deserves it ;)
Enjoy loves,
Lou xx

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