Friday, 15 March 2013

Hubby Does My Nails - Hubby Edition ;)

A special edition for you all tonight!
I decided against doing my nails after only having 3hours sleep last night - so tired !!

Anyways if you follow me on Instagram (@TipsandTopcoat) or read my last post, you will know last night the hubby painted my nails for a contest ;)
I think he did absolutely great! He is super proud of his attempt too bless him hehe :P even though he did get a little frustrated at times - I guess working with acrylic paints is not as easy as people think LOL!

Hubby decided to do Family Guy characters - Index - Pinky
Lois, Peter, Brian & Stewie.
For the base color he chose KIKO - 341
He tried so hard to paint my nails how I do it with the 3-stroke technique & I think he done them very well :D & he even said he may attempt painting my nails again n'awww ;). I actually love when hubbies join in on something you love, as girly as it is - but you know we try and bond through game consoles etc, it's nice hubs are willing to do it too!

P.S yep he is wearing a cap - he said that his hair was messy - really?! Haha!

Anyways here are a few snap shots of the hubby in action, aswell as the finished art :D
Enjoy all
Lou xx


  1. Aw these are super fab, well done to your hubby :)

  2. Wow I'm really impressed!! I want a man that'll do my nails, hehe xx

  3. Aww, wow! An artistic family!

  4. Awww, that is so cool! Hubs would never even begin to think about painting my nails.

  5. Check the concentration! Good job hubby!

  6. Kudos to your hubby - he did really great!

  7. Seriously awesome hubs! U should start ur own painting blog! I'm sure plenty of girls would sit there and let u paint their nails, it's a rarity in men u know!!😉

  8. I saw the title and thought this is gonna be a right mess like them "bf does my make up" on youtube... total opposite! Do you loan him out? :D

  9. Well done! He did a great job, those are fantastic! My hubby lets me practice by painting his nails, but I can't get him to do mine (my toes maybe once in a blue moon).

  10. wow! both cute and awesome hehe :))


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