Sunday, 10 March 2013

Glitzology Disco Barbie; Swatches & Review :)

Evening hunnies,
Quick swatch today for you all ;) Tonight I chose to wear Glitzology Disco Barbie! Oooolalal!!

When I looked around on google and Glitzology's Etsy - Disco Barbie looked like a shimmery light baby barbie pink ; perfect!!
However when I recieved Disco Barbie it was not the same as I had first seen :/ She is more of a shimmery purple pink (leaning more to the purple) than baby pink - by far!
I still love this no doubt, just a little meh at the huge difference.

I used 3 thickish coats - Formula was ok on this not great but not poop lol; In my opinion there is to much larger glitter... Is that even possible? Lol!
Everytime I went to paint my nails I had to dip my brush just to shake off some bigger glitter - they seemed to over power my brush leaving not enough polish to paint properly - do I make sense lol!
Disco Barbie is jam packed full of holo stars, diamonds, squares, large & small hexes along with micro hexes to! Woah yum!

Besides the huge difference I do like this polish & I am happy to own her :)
You can buy Glitzology polishes by copying this link into your browser -
Her prices are around $8.50 each for full size.

Enjoy loves :)
Lou xx


  1. Awww...this is so cute! Love the color and the glitters. I find it classy and girly. they are also perfect for my daughter. She'll def love this.

  2. i had the same problem, i ordered country girl and it came with a clear base not a yellow jelly like advertised. i'm actually putting up a post about the problems i had probably this week


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