Sunday, 3 March 2013

Contrary Polish Love Lyrics Collection x4 - Swatches & Review (Pic Heavy)

Evening All :)
Today I have 4 out of 6 Contrary Polish - Love Lyrics Collection to share with you all :D
OMG! These are gorgeousss!
Sometimes I like to have the suttle polish instead of glitter bombs - dont get me wrong I love glitter bombs major - just it is nice to see that there are indie brands who cater for the suttle approach. :)
The 4 I have to share with you all are -
L-R Ain't No Sunshine , Play Me , Somebody Loved , The Way I Am.
Each one of these are beautiful! When shopping on Llarowe these were my fav of the 6 :)
First up -
Ain't No Sunshine - I adore this one! There is just something so special about this! She is a dusty bluey grey mmmm, with added shimmer & white flakies. Such a suttle but wow polish! I applied 3 thin coats but 2 thicker would have been ok. Flawless application.
Play Me - Ohhh this is a beauty! She is a greyish purple with a beautiful green shimmer. Its such a wowza polish - the green shimmer really makes it pop! I had such trouble getting the green shimmer to show on camera :( - Again flawless application - 2 coats.

Somebody Loved - She is one hard bubs to show on camera, IRL she is a touch more pinker! - In the bottle she is a dusky pale pink.. On me she is more of a nude pinky brown. Strange! I love her none the less though!! She has gorgeous suttle golden shimmer aswell. I used 3 thin coats for her - flawless application as always.

The Way I Am - Oh my gosh! Now this is soooo beautiful! She is a mediumish light green (I have really no way to describe this green - it is so unusual but gorgeous!) with fuchsia shimmer (my camera would'nt capture -.-) & glitter! YUM! I really love this combo - 3 thin coats - flawless application :)

I absolutely love this collection! Its so delicate and wow.. Right up my street. Definately a great brand for anyone not into glitter bombs :)
You can find these on Llarowe for $11.00 each
I hope you all enjoyed the swatches :)
Lou xx 




  1. Omg!!! these nail color are all so pretty. Love all the colors for I find them elegant and classy. Perfect for any occasion or for everyday use.

  2. So beautiful! I too love the subtle shimmer and soft colors that Contrary Polish does. I just bought some the other day and I can't wait to get them! Thanks for the swatches!

  3. Your swatches are so well done! I love the detailed close-up photos - they really show you all the subtleties in each polish :)) Ain't no sunshine is my favourite without a doubt! :)


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