Saturday, 9 March 2013

Charro Days Fiesta Nail Art :)

Hey all -
I have been super busy and have had no time to post sorrrry! Should be back on the ball now wooohoo!
I think I will have to do a rota of some sort on how to lay out Youtube videos - maybe once or twice a week along with posting here everyday (hopefully) & then do a roundup post at the end of the week - for which tutorials will have gone on Youtube. Do I make any sense haha! It does to me anyway lol!!
Along with that I think there will be a swatchathon hitting here! I have wayyyyyyyyyyyy to many that need swatching (over the 100 mark!) - doing nail art mostly everyday my untrieds are not going down ugh! Lool!

Anyways mini plan of action over ;) Tonights blogpost is for a contest I have entered on IG , I am not sure on what Charro Days Fiesta is but it looks great fun!
I went google searching & wow the dresses are absolutely amazing!
I chose to do a little girly & a Charro Days sign for this nail art, I came across it on google so went with that, seeing as my knowledge is 0 on this.

I used Orly 25th Anniversary 24KT Gold Polish as my base color - the entire design is done using acrylic paints :)

I hope you all enjoy hunnies
Lou xx


  1. haha i'm a mexican and i don't even know what charro days fiesta are :s but i really like this design :D

  2. oh my!!!
    have you told how much i love your freehand skills?! amazing! :)
    good look for the contest! **


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