Saturday, 30 March 2013

Eye Candy London Gel Wrap System Review :)

Hey Hey :)
Tonight's post is for a product I have tested out over the past 7 days. I was so excited to review this, I think it is a definate product alot of us will find very useful to have.
Eye Candy London - Gel Wrap System is a product that works like gel topcoat but without the need of a UV light - I was eager to see how well this works! Being myself I do not own a UV light & I am sure many of you don't either. Perfect product.
Before carrying on lets see the box -
Beautiful packaging! I absolutely adore the London silhouette at the top - takes me right back to when I did my London silhouette mani, that was one of my first detailed mani's wow :O!
As stated on the box I applied one coat of the Eye Candy base coat, I then applied 2 coats of La Couleur Couture in 1950 followed by 1 coat of the Eye Candy top coat.
I have to say excuse me here - I tested this on my right hand because I do my left hand nails practically daily. The weather has struck my nails alot - along with my left hand getting damaged this week, so did my right :( my middle finger got a slight break & then another throughout the week urgh - but watch the pictures - even with a break happen plus me filing them down. Amaze. (Also my index finger is absent because it got badly damaged :(..)
Day 1 -

Day 7 (with filed down nails & an extra breakage) -

Look at the growth :O I am loving this product! Look at that - even after filing & a chip there is NO tip wear?!! Fricking amazing or what! Would I recommend this product ? YES! Without a doubt! Even though I don't really keep my mani's on for a long period of time - It is perfect for those weekend away's etc. I think everyone should have this in thier stash!
Application is flawless & removal on this is exackly the same as removing regular polish & topcoat etc - it does not cause any damage to your nails. The glossy finish is just like Seche Vite & has not dulled out at all. Perfect!
This duo can be bought in Tesco for £10.99 - amazing price!!
If you would like to see more from Eye Candy London you can visit thier Facebook page HERE.
I hope you all enjoy this review.
Lou xx
*Product were provided for a review, all opinions are my own.


Friday, 29 March 2013

Strawberry Shortcake Nail Art ;)

Hi beauts!
Sorry for the lack of posts, I have really been to blahhh for nail art. I am back into doing it now so lets hope all goes well.

Tonight I have Strawberry Shortcake nail art - whyyyyy is she not the same?! :( I love the old version, when I went googling I was like who the frick is this? I guess she has just changed since when I was younger :O
Sniff sniff. So with a 'meh' I opted for the newer version lol!

I used Barry M Blue Moon as my base color & the rest of the design is done using acrylic paints.
I think I done this just in time for the 'spring(y) vibeee' ;)

Enjoy all
Lou xx

Monday, 25 March 2013

LaCC - La Couleur Couture Swatches & Review

Hey loves,
Tonight I have a mini 'swatchathon' for you all from an amazing brand! These are not to be missed, LaCC are a new brand that hit Llarowe only recently, they are also vegan friendly.
Today I have 4 colours to show off ;)
Each and every one of them is beautiful - I applied one coat of LaCC base coat '2012' followed by one coat of thier LaCC topcoat '2013'.
Before I start with the swatches I would like to state that thier base & topcoat are fabulous!
2012 dried within 30seconds loveee that - 2013 is an amazing topcoat - being a trusty Seche Vite lover I must say I adore this, it is super shiny... We all must know how glossy Seche is, 2013 matches that! Drying time is great aswell!
Onto the swatches ;) -
1945 - Ohhh she is my favourite of the 4, classic red but in her own way? She really stands out to me & is beautiful! Red usually does not go well with me but I would rock her daily! ;)
2 coats with flawless application.


1950 - We all must know how much I love pink! Now this is a beauty, I am quite hung on how to describe her though, she is bright but not neon... & gives off that barbie vibe (well on me anyway). I love how she is so classy yet bold. Capturing her on camera is another story, believe me when I say you need her :) 2 coats with flawless application.

1976 - I am stumped with this one literally - seeing other blogs etc she has been described as blue.. I see the hint of blue but that is a hint.. To me she is a really pale mint green! She has a lovely pinky lavender shimmer also - my camera was not picking the shimmer up at all -.- I used 4 coats for her to be opaque.

1972 - Oooo I love her! Beautiful dusty lavender. I can't even with her! She is amazing! I had trouble capturing her beauty on camera - you know those 'whyyyyyyyyyy' moments! I am still learning to adjust with the lightbox pictures - slowly but surely lol! 2 coats with flawless application.

How gorgeous are those bottles!! I love the logo :P.

I can not say enough good things about this brand - you have to try thier polish. It is a must! I love each one of these & will be sure to own many more :D.
La Couleur Couture are priced at $14.00 on thier website HERE & also on Llarowe HERE.
Let me know your thoughts below - which is your favourite?
Lou xx

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Tripping Panda Nail Art ;)

Hey loves,
Ever heard of tripping pandas? Wierd right? I had no idea what or where I was going with this nail art - I had serious giggles painting these though ;)
I saw these & thought they was sooo cute!! Then I added foil on my index & pinky which gave me the illusion of tripping!!
I made the panda eyes more oooooo - as if they are totally tripped. Looool!
I am really just blah at the minute & really slow on nail art, this was just a quick piece. I had to do some form of nail art & this is something wierd & wonderful? Hmm hahaa!!

I used Kleancolor Pastel Blue as the background - the pandas are done using acrylic paints. With added foil using foil glue.

Enjoy & get trippy ;) lol
Lou xx

Friday, 22 March 2013

Pretty Serious Atomic Brain; Swatches & Review * Plus Pretty Serious Box Nail Art *

Hey beauts!
I have a super hot mani for you all tonight; Literally sooooooo beautiful!!
I remember a while back when Llarowe had a restock - I was a girl on a Pretty Serious mission ;)
I managed to get the two I wanted - one of which I am sharing today :P

Atomic Brain is described as a purple multichrome foil polish, shifts from purple, pink, gold & green. Beautiful!! What I loved about this beauty was when you shine a flash on it - wam bammm out pops loads of blue sparkle! I was like what really? OMG faints ;):P I am in love!
I decided to capture the bluey purple in my photo's by handy DIY work - ok maybe not haha - just the flash from my Blackberry mobile sat on a little box. Its what we gotta do sometimes ok ;) pahaa!
I am loving how well I captured it on camera, I really get the galaxy vibe from the pics! Seriously if you own or decide to own this polish - flash light it!! You will fall in loveeee!

I decided to layer one coat (Yes! one coat!!) of Atomic Brain over two coats of Kiko 275 (black). Match made in heaven.

I love Pretty Serious creations and can not wait to own more more & oh more! Such magical polishes <3

You can find Pretty Serious polishes by visiting where the polish is priced $9.95
Or for international visit Llarowe - , polishes priced here at $12.
Pretty Serious polish is the Big 3 Free, Formaldehyde Resin Free & bottle sizes are 11ml incase anyone was curious :P

This polish totally tripped the focus on my cam , does not help that I suck at picture taking aswell haha shhhhh :P

Also added in the nail art I done a while back - if anyone owns Pretty Serious you will know what this is - they have the most AMAZING boxed packages!!! I loveeeeee them & had to include the pic!

Enjoy the little swatch spam! ;)
((First two photos are without my Blackberry flash! :)))
Lou x

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Gypsy Lady Sugar Skull Nail Art :)

Hi loves,
So sorry for the late post - insomnia has hit me so hard, the only time I am getting any sleep is around 6pm for a few hours ugh!!

Tonight's post is a gypsy girl with a sugar skull - I done this nail art at around 2am so I only have one good enough photo, so angry lol! But whatever I did it just did not want to work -.-
I have always wanted to do sugar skulls but didnt want the normal designs as always seen. This one really stood out.
I have absolutely no idea what I was going for on my other fingers but hmmmm we shall just roll with it haha!!

I used Barry M Spring Green for my base color on all fingers besides my ring - I used OPI Alpine snow as a base and added a brown wash over for an 'old' feel.
The design is all done using acrylic paints.

I hope you enjoy the quick post & sorry again for the lateness :)
Lou xx

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Horse Nail Art - My First Of 'Real Life' Animals

Hey beauts!
I am super excited for tonight's nail art - I usually avoid 'real life' things & do cartoon's buttt I got requested horses!
I love & adore horses myself so I did my best, I am so so proud to have done these, at a standard of which I love them!

I really am sad to see these go & wish I would have used a peel off base :( maybe I will recreate them on falsies for a frame soon!
It is such a major thing for me to like my own work - 90% of the time I really do not lol.
I just can not get over how real life I managed to make it - well real life for nail art lol.

I used OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls as my base color, the rest of the design is all done using acrylic paints.
On the plain white parts, I used a wash over of blue with watered down paints- not sure it is seen much in the pics.

I hope you all enjoy tonight's art, as much as I enjoyed doing this for you all :)
Any questions please leave them below or email

Lou xx

Monday, 18 March 2013

Disney Villains - Ursula Nail Art :)

Evening loves,
Tonight I have Disney Villains Ursula for you all - I am so proud of myself, I am getting more speed on my painting yaay! She was done in 20mins! So proud! Can I be? Lol I don't want to be coming across as big headed or anything lol, timing has always been something I wanted to sort.

I got requested on Instagram (@TipsandTopcoat) to do this, she was rather fun to do. I am glad I am getting better at faces aswell thankfully, my biggest hate LOL!

For my base color I chose to use NYC Teal Til The End, the rest of the design is done using acrylic paints.

Just a quick post for today, hope you all enjoy the pics :)
Lou xx

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Invogue Matt Suede Effect Swatches & Review :)

Hey loves,
Today I have an exciting post for you all - expecially my UK ladies :P A new brand has come on the horizon as of now called Invogue - they are infact the sister brand to Eye Candy London.
I have two of the matt suede effects to share with you all today - Sophisticated & Emerald Dust.
I want to start by saying WOW! This brand is so purse friendly and a complete bargain for the price! - Both of these polishes were opaque in two coats & a breeze to apply. They dried so fast aswell! Literally within 5mins my nails were fully dry - being touch dry in 1minute!!
I am so impressed with this brand & now I have already informed the hubs - I will be collecting all thier range!
First up we have Sophisticated -
How beautiful is she! I can not even express how amazing this beauty is. Any purple lovers will love her completely! As stated above application was no bother - 2 coats of perfection. Smooth and fully dry in 5mins.
Lets see her with topcoat shall we ;)

What I loved when applying Color Club topcoat is even though its shiny - she still had the suede look about her. Beautiful!
Onto Emerald Dust now ;)

OMG! Anyone else get the urge to say 'Appppplessss' - LOL! Everytime I look at this polish I get the thought about green apples. I seriously can not be alone on this haha :P
I have had Emerald Dust on my right hand for 4 days now, I wanted to give it a test run on how well it handles everyday activities etc - It has gone great.. After 4 days with no topcoat, I have some tip-wear from today, no chipping nothing. Amazing!!!
Now lets see her wit topcoat ..

My overall thought - I absolutely love this brand, they are so smooth to the touch and dry so fast! Which I love - it is perfect for a mum of two young children & in a rush! I highly recommend nail girls to check them out - in the UK its hard for us to find purse friendly brands and this is perfect!
The suede effects are priced at £3.50 but thier regular line starts at £2.99.. :O!
Such an amazing price and highly worth it.
They are 10ml sized bottles and are FREE from Toluene, Formaldehyde, Camphor and DBP.
You can find these in your nearest Superdrug or you can also click HERE to view the Invogue range in Superdrug online.
I hope you all check them out & have enjoyed my swatches :)
Lou xx
*Products were provided for review, all opinions are my own.

Friday, 15 March 2013

Hubby Does My Nails - Hubby Edition ;)

A special edition for you all tonight!
I decided against doing my nails after only having 3hours sleep last night - so tired !!

Anyways if you follow me on Instagram (@TipsandTopcoat) or read my last post, you will know last night the hubby painted my nails for a contest ;)
I think he did absolutely great! He is super proud of his attempt too bless him hehe :P even though he did get a little frustrated at times - I guess working with acrylic paints is not as easy as people think LOL!

Hubby decided to do Family Guy characters - Index - Pinky
Lois, Peter, Brian & Stewie.
For the base color he chose KIKO - 341
He tried so hard to paint my nails how I do it with the 3-stroke technique & I think he done them very well :D & he even said he may attempt painting my nails again n'awww ;). I actually love when hubbies join in on something you love, as girly as it is - but you know we try and bond through game consoles etc, it's nice hubs are willing to do it too!

P.S yep he is wearing a cap - he said that his hair was messy - really?! Haha!

Anyways here are a few snap shots of the hubby in action, aswell as the finished art :D
Enjoy all
Lou xx

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Thursday, 14 March 2013

St Patrick's Day Inspired Nail Art :)

Hey hey beauts!
I had to do a quick St Patrick's Day mani of course - I actually did not realise that its only a few days to go! Otherwise I would have started earlier lol!! Atleast I managed one mani right? Lol I am sorry :(

I saw this cute image on Google & did mine a little different, I actually did 'speed painting' tonight :O literally all in all I done this in 20mins roughly haha! I was not really feeling art tonight, plus hubby is spending time doing my nails for a contest on Instagram :O
I will totally do a blog post if he lets me lol ;)

For the base I used Barry M Emerald Green - beautiful color and application, all the design is done using acrylic paints :)

I hope you all enjoy this art and have a fantastic St Paddy's Day too :X

Lou xx

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Born Pretty Store Double Layer White Flower Review :)

Second post of the day ;)
Another review for the Born Pretty Store, this time being about 3d acrylic flowers.
As much as I enjoy freehand nail art, sometimes being simple without the effort is a win right?
I chose to check these out & see how I felt with having 3D jazz; these flowers are soooo amazing! They really remind me of something you would see a bride wearing on her nails.

I paired these lovely flowers with Essie Where's My Chauffeur? and some rhinestones & beads.
Overall I think the look is gorgeous & something I would wear again. I used topcoat to apply the flowers but you could use nail glue for longer wear time.
The underside of the flower is slightly curved allowing it to sit easier on my nail - perfect!

The great thing about these is they could be reused which makes it even better! Plus they could be used for multiple things - not just nails!
They are very lightweight & don't make your nails feel heavy. Bonus.
I adore the added gem in the centre - and these also have glitter on them (hard time capturing with my camera)
Overall I really do love these - they are so wow in your face but dainty at the same time.
They will add such a touch to any mani I would think.
These are priced at $2.81 for a pack of 10 & can be bought by clicking HERE
You can also get 10% off your entire order by using my coupon code pictured below :)
The code can be used for absolutely anything on Born Pretty Store site & they offer FREE worldwide shipping.
I hope you have enjoyed tonight's mani
Lou xx
*Products were provided for review, all opinions are my own.