Monday, 18 February 2013

Save The Panduhs Nail Art Special :)

Evening loves
Today I have an amazing piece of nail art I did (previous to having a lightbox), by an amazing artist I came across on Instagram.

I truly love all of his art & asked if he would mind me doing some of his work, on my nails. I was super excited that I got a yessss! I ended up doing it that night, I could not wait!! :D

One thing of most I enjoy doing is showcasing & spreading the word of others, through my nail art. I may not be pro or such and such, but I hope to do each artist justice. :)

The art I did on my nails was one of my favourite pieces by Save The Panduhs! & it ran right in line with valentines day so that was a bonus ;)
I am totally late on posting before VDay here though haha, if you follow me on Instagram (@TipsandTopcoat) you will have seen this a few weeks back :P

For the base color I used KIKO 329, the rest of the design is done using acrylic paints. :)

To check out this absolutely amazing artist -

Enjoy all
Lou xx


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