Thursday, 14 February 2013

My First Ever Rainbow... Leopard Print Style ;)

Hey beauts,
I am not really feeling the Valentines Day extreme today, ive posted alot of romantic nail art in the past. Time I be an odd ball & not join the hype haha!

Can you believe I have never ever done a rainbow, since doing nails!
I decided to do one using tiny leopard print.
I had a complete mind blank night last night, this was as best it got lol!

You all know I love the tiny leopard print, Its just so damn cute!
All in all this look took me around 20minutes. I use the tip of my nail art brush for them. They are easy to do, once you know how to use the tip of your brush. You'll do great!

My base color is Sally Hansen Lavender Cloud, the design is all done using acrylic paints.

I hope you enjoy
Lou xx


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