Sunday, 17 February 2013

Lacquerhead Polish Mixed Signals; Swatches & Review :)

Holy shiz!!!
I am absolutely beyond speechless at this polish !!
I wasnt going to blog again tonight, I am really down in the dumps at the moment. This polish has made me feel happy :D
It glows! It seriously glows!
Me and my hubby were constantly staring when I first put this on, we couldnt believe our eyes lol!
I am beyond amazed!

Mixed Signals is Lacquerhead's first ever duochrome!!! Uh hmmmm missy you need to make moreeee! My gosh :P
It shifts from pink to blue to purple to red.
I love this!!! The purple to blue shift is the most strongest & the blue my gosh.. Literally is what makes it GLOW! Big time!
I had no trouble capturing it on camera at all! I thought I would, with some duochromes that can happen, no way this baby wanted to go all out ;)

When I first recieved this I did the obvious & popped it over black. After sitting here tonight with this & OPI Do You Lilac It? I thought... Well why not try!
Am I glad I did! They are the perfect match, love at first site... You get it ;)

I used 2 layers of OPI Do You Lilac It? & 2 layers of Lacquerhead Mixed Signals. Wam bammmm in your face, is the most sexiest site you ever did see.

You can find this baby by visiting
Mixed Signals is priced at $8.00 or around £5.29.

Enjoy the little swatch spam of this beautyyyy ;)
Lou xx


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