Saturday, 9 February 2013

GlamPaint Lacquer Review & Swatches (In The New Lightbox ;))

Wow! I havent been on the computer to blog in ages!! Its still slightly broken, but I have decided that I will blog post for reviews from the computer.
Nail art & quick swatches will mostly remain from the phone blogging. I hope thats all good for you all, its easier for me with the kids and so on.. And plus this laptop is so slow and awful at the moment.
Anyways onto a very exciting post for today, I have 4 absolutely gorgeous polishes from GlamPaint Lacquer to share with you all, I am truly blown away. Each one I swatched I fell in love, I can not pick a favourite at all.
Crazzzzy to even think I have been blogging for nearly a year, and finally I have a lightbox. My little hobby has become so much & means so much to me. Thanks everyone for all of the support. It means more than I could ever describe.
Who wants a 'Professional' bottle shot? Obviously you do!! ;)
L-R Barbie Jeep, Milkshake, Raspberry Crush, Turquoise & Company.
Now seriously is that photo just gorgeous!?!
First up on the swatchathon is Barbie Jeep, she is a milky lilacy pink base packed full of tiny purple & dark blue glitter, micro light pink squared glitter, small light pink & blue glitters aswell as larger white holographic hexes. Beautiful!!
I hope I described that well haha ;)
This applied beautifully absolutely no issues with this one or any of the other 3. I had full coverage at 3 coats, drying time is fantastic!! I used one coat of Seche Vite but you may need 2 coats of topcoat for it to feel fully smooth.

Next up we have Milkshake. A milky white based polish full of micro pink and blue glitter, small purple, light blue & pink hexed glitters aswell as larger white holo hexes. I love this one just as much as the first... I am probley going to say that every time I write the next para, but honestly. They are all just truly beautiful. Milkshake took 3 coats for full coverage. Again no issues. Application was perfect, no fishing for glitters which is amazing!!

Im just in love!
Now we have Raspberry Crush which on her label says 'Limited Edition' .. Run dont walk & grab this baby whilst you have the chance! GO! ;)
Raspberry Crush hated my camera & lightbox! We had a serious row ending in me hot & bothered & grrrrrrr haha! I got pretty close I think, but she is one you have to see face to face, to really appreciate how wonderful she is!
Beautiful 'raspberry' jelly base packed full of micro pink squares, tiny purple hexes, small light pink hexes & larger matte white hexes. I needed 4 coats for her to hide real visible nail line. I would suggest putting her over a colored base. As with the rest she applied great, so smoothly. No fishing, the larger white hexes came out perfectly.

Finally we have Turquoise & Company. Now this beauty needs must be in everyones stash! Its just beautifully unique in so many ways. I love it!
Turquoise & Company is obviously in a beautiful light turquoise base full of tiny dark blue & purple glitters, micro turquoise squares, larger matte turquoise/teal & white hexes along with some holo hexes to. Delicious!!!
This was also another one that played fun with me, I actually think my photos are 95% accurate (minus the macro that went abit off color lol). Gossssh I love having a lightbox!! :P
I used 3 coats for full coverage on this beauty. No fishing needed. Application on this & all the others are flawless!

Absolute heaven right?
I can not even believe how beautiful these all are! Honestly.
All of these can be found HERE.
I think GlamPaint Lacquer will be having a restock soon, to keep up to date on when, you can follow her on Instagram - @GlamPaintLacquer.
The polishes on her site are priced at $7.50, but Milkshake is at $6.00. Amazing prices!!
I seriously hope you will all check her out, she deserves soooo much more recognition!
Lots of Love
Lou xx
*These products were sent to me for review, all opinions are my own.


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