Friday, 1 February 2013

Friday's 5-10 Min Mani; Pon and Zi :)

I have decided every Friday, I will be doing a 5-10 min mani. On Instagram this was a popular piece of art, so I reckon we maybe on to something :D

I literally pmsl when I saw this picture & had to do it. Pon and Zi are absolutely hilerious!!
This one is just to darn funny! I may have to do more of them! ;)

I used Sally Hansen Green Tea for the base, the rest of the design is done using acrylic paints.
I love love loveeee this color!! It applied great! 3 thin coats. Im not to sure where you can buy Sally Hansen polish, I found this is Poundland (I am in the UK).

**I would like to state here, I know its ment to say 'ATE' not 'EATED', but if you know Pon and Zi cartoons, you will know the bad grammar is apart of it LOL!

Enjoy all
Lou xx


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