Friday, 22 February 2013

Azature Black Diamond Polish Plus Rihanna Portrait ;);)

Whaaaaaaaat! Loveeees!!!
I did my first portrait and I did it good! Ok not perfectly but I did it!!
It's perfect enough for me at this time, it is my first proper attempt & I love it!
We all know my love hate for faces but bammmmm, I could not be prouder!! :D

I paired this with Azature Black Diamond polish, mmmmmm lala! Rihanna has that amazing song Diamonds & I thought they would match perfectly!
Sing ittttt - 'Shine bright like a diamonddd!
Haha ;)

I am so chuffed at the outcome of my first portrait & may well do more, should I?
Can not wait to see what you all think. :D

Azature Black Diamond polish - What can I say about this beauty! This is infact a black jelly so it needs layering over a black polish, you could attempt layering alone but I think it would need a good 4+ coats. It really does shine bright like a diamond ;) I love watching the silver glitter sparkle when the light hits it!
I had no issues with this, it applies amazingly!
I applied 2 coats of W7 Black nail polish topped with 2 coats of Azature Black Diamond.

We all know that Azature brung out the $250,000 bottle infused with 267 carats of black diamonds. :O
They also brung out a more affordable one for us nail addicts, this bottle is priced at $25.00. A much better price & this bottle has 1 black diamond. Ooooolala ;)

It can be bought at With international shipping available! Also check this out - Azature has brung out more colors, including a sexayyyy red & gorgeous pink! (They are my favs & will be mine! ;))

Enjoy all
Lou xx


  1. Great job! I could barely draw cat claws on my nails for my Purim costume. lol

    1. Loool, aww thank you hun x

    2. thanks a lots dear to share information. you site is very impressive, go up!!
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  2. wow!! i never comment lol but do love reading your posts and watching your art!! well done!!

  3. All I can keep saying is Oh my God. This manicure is so effing great! I love Riri so much and have done several diamond manicures inspired by her but yours is AMAZE ZING! WOWEE!

    1. Aww thank you hunny, I am sure yours are amazing to :P. Thank you again lovey xx

  4. So amazing!! you must have amazing eyesight! hehe x

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